Millions are Having ET Contact & Don’t Know It! Are You One of Them?

Most ET Contact happens inter-dimensionally, beyond 3D. The brain has a hard time labeling such an event due to logical programming, so decides it’s as a dream, hallucination, or fantasy. But it is a real event.

Scientists do not fully know what dreams are. That’s because they are limited to logical and socially-accepted answers. Dreams are logical and illogical. Are they videos created from memories and worries of the day? Yes. Are they travels to other dimensions? Yes. Do we meet Other-Worldly Beings in our dreams? Yes. Are some dreams legitimate time traveling, flying through dimensional portals? Yes. I call trips to other dimensions while asleep “night travels.” Even though they don’t always happen at night.

Many Experiencers believe their night travels are dreams because of the ethereal nature to them. And because amazing, inexplicable things happen in them – like aliens telling you the secrets of the universe, showing you the future, teaching you how to move things with your mind, and sharing advanced technology.

Most of us have had a dream where upon awakening, cannot believe it wasn’t real, shocked that we woke up from it. We also have dreams where upon awakening, we know immediately it wasn’t real. We can tell the difference. They are very different, yet we categorize them the same: once you close your eyes, everything is a dream. Nonsense. This is bonkers, a kind of mental abuse the scientific establishment is pushing on us.

For 45 years, I tried to convince myself that all my ET Contact was a dream. What about the weird geometric marks on my body? Just bugs who bit me funny. What about the scoop of missing skin with no blood or scab? Oh, just some more weirdness that doesn’t need an explanation. What about the bright light in the hallway in the middle of the night? Oh, well…I can’t answer that and don’t need to. What about the Greys showing me a baby in a tube? Dream. What about a rectangular chunk of skin cut from my back, made up of 4 straight slice marks which I didn’t even feel?! The cat somehow did that. What about a red X mark burned into my ass cheek? Damn. What about the second red X mark burned into my other cheek 9 days later? Double damn. What about the conscious memory of staring into a Grey’s eyes while he put the Xs there? Triple damn and my world just flipped. Dreams don’t burn Xs into your tush.

The ETs have been giving me messages for decades and I kept ignoring them. I imagine them conversing with one another,

What do we have to do to get her attention?!” asks one exasperated Grey to the other.

I know. Let’s burn a couple of red Xs into her ass.”


Are you going to need something intense and mind-boggling, too? Maybe you have already been mind-boggled. The quicker you accept your ET Contact as fact, the better your life is going to be.

Why? Because you stop living your lie. You step onto your path of authenticity. Expressing your authentic self, the real you, the best you, is the means to fulfillment, peace, and creating life to your standards.

Not everyone’s path of authenticity includes ETs, but your path may include them. And if it does, the sooner you face your fears about it, the sooner you begin to live the life you deserve – the one where you stop pushing to make things happen, wake up excited for the day, aligned with your life’s purpose. Life as a human becomes easier. It is not without sadness or pitfalls, but you are equipped to handle it and thus, life is more tranquil and exciting at the same time.

Billions of people every single day are talking to Extraterrestrials and it is socially acceptable – we call it a prayer. What is a prayer, but communication with an Other-Worldly Being (thus Extra-terrestrial), who has super powers to manipulate events to your liking, knows you better than you know yourself, and who has your best interests at heart. Is this frickin’ logical? No! Yet, this illogical communication is perfectly accepted. Talking to an Angel is perfectly fine whereas talking to a Grey is not. Who decided this to be the case? And when? Who drew the line in the sand between Angel and ET?

We are all aware of the shift taking place inside of ourselves and in society. I began meditating in the 5th grade and that was weird. I started yoga in 1985 and that was kinda strange. My parents bought bottled water in the 70’s and our guests at dinner parties laughed at them. If you asked someone what a Chakra was in 1990, they would think it was a funk singer.

We now know that we are multi-dimensional thanks to the acceptance of yoga and meditation. With that knowing comes the awareness of your experiences in those dimensions. There are Beings in those dimensions. YOU are in those dimensions. You exist in all dimensions and are talking to Other-Worldly Beings, traveling through time portals, visiting other planets, gaining knowledge.

When you are relaxed, when your brain stops getting a lot of 3D input, your awareness shifts to the other parts of you, the parts existing in those dimensions. The same thing can happen in meditation. Actually, you don’t need to be meditating or sleeping. With practice, you can be consciously aware and plugged into the Other Worlds and Beings 24/7.

It all comes down to who you choose to believe. What society tells you or what your heart tells you? Your heart knows the truth. This is why millions of Experiencers don’t know they are having ET Contact. They think it is a dream because they ignore the information from their heart. At some point in our history, there was a mass brain-washing, insisting we ignore the information-highway between the mind and the heart. This pathway of knowledge is powerful. At some point we had our power stripped. But those days are over.

My parents’ friends who made fun of them for buying water are buying water. We are transforming and expanding. We are activating. We are self-empowering. We are talking to ETs. ETs are talking to us. Admit it before you get a red X burned into your ass.

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