You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens


“Sev Tok’s beautifully detailed journey to understanding a most difficult intrusion of non-human entities into her life is poignant. Her book is both brilliant and accurate – a genuine page turner!”

Kathleen Marden, Director of Experiencer Research at MUFON, author of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and The Alien Abduction Files.

Millions of humans are having ET contact and don’t even know it. Are you one of them?

When Sev moves to a small town in North Carolina from Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, she has no idea the ETs are waiting for her. Sev has a secret and the Greys make sure she can’t hide it any longer.

The Greys burn her body with a laser-precision red X. Twice. This catapults Sev onto a journey of exploration to reveal the truth about herself and about the universe.

Sev describes supernatural events and ET contact she had in Crofton, MD, Baltimore, MD, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Arapahoe, NC, and Roswell, NM.

The ETs tell Sev about:

  • Earth’s fate
  • ET/human hybrid program
  • Galactic missionaries and hybrids on Earth
  • Inter-dimensional abductions through time warps
  • Inter-galactic efforts to create peace on Earth
  • Sev’s cosmic mission

Sev shares all of this with you and includes photographs and drawings.

“I wrote this book to help the millions of people engaged in ET contact. Due to the inter-dimensional quality of ET abductions, many people are not aware of their ET travels through time warps and portals. I hope sharing my personal journey from fearing the ETs to understanding their peaceful intentions helps you, individually, and us, collectively. Thank you for your interest and for you desire to expand your mind.” Sev.

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