Hollywood Disclosure Alliance

Sev is a Founding Member of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance.

The Truth is Almost Here

The goal of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance is to provide a more unified voice in the media leading up to, and following, the impending revelation of the presence of extraterrestrial life — disclosure — through storytelling in feature films, documentaries, and TV programming. We are a media-centric resource, teaming those actively working within the research side of UAP / ET with those actively working as storytellers.


Since the dawn of the motion picture age, over 600 feature films have been produced depicting “aliens” and “flying saucers.” Those films have generated tens of billions of dollars in global box office receipts. These films, all based on fiction, remain wildly popular.

We imagine the day when they can be based on FACT!

By bringing UAP/ET researchers, authors, and experiencers together with content creators working across every aspect of the global entertainment spectrum, HDA is positioned to become “The Go-To Organization” to close a long-standing gap created by a government-imposed truth embargo.


The efforts of the HDA, which has been established to serve as a “Content Connector,” will help to empower the general public through accuracy in storytelling. Our group will provide content creators with long-denied facts and knowledge regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life, so relevant stories can be told through all forms of media. The HDA is prepared to act NOW, well in advance of the impending, world-altering Disclosure by leaders of the U.S. Government and military. Disclosure gets closer to reality every day.

HDA will be a hub – a valuable link between the world of media and the UAP/ET research community – serving the content creators who will bring the most historic revelation to the forefront by the creation of original programming that will present information about the ET presence on Earth. HDA hopes to help facilitate true change by inspiring and educating millions of people across the globe to make their feelings known about this unprecedented matter.

“Ridicule is not a part of the scientific method. And the public should not be taught that it is.”

– J. Allen Hynek

By bringing together two, previously incongruous entities – the entertainment industry and the UAP/ET research community, HDA will provide game-changing solutions by helping to provide factually accurate storytelling, with multi-media projects that will soon become available to the general public.

From feature films to documentaries to TV programs and specials; from podcasts to PSAs to social media campaigns; and from in-person meetings, lectures and seminars, to summits and large-scale conventions, HDA is dedicated to supporting a positive and galvanizing message coinciding with the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Disclosure will present a whole new “universe” of media opportunities!

Serving as a resource to the global entertainment industry, HDA will provide valid information and will collaboratively work with writers, producers, directors, studios, indie filmmakers and production companies, large and small, to encourage the inclusion of factual ET messaging into thousands of future TV shows, films and documentaries.

The Hollywood Disclosure Alliance, soon to become a nonprofit 501(c)3, is the first organization to meld a diverse cross-section of entertainment industry content creators and influencers with longtime UAP/ET researchers. These researchers have long been ridiculed while laboring for years, even decades, in spite of repeated denials by the U.S. Government and military of the UAP/ET presence.

HDA is a movement powered by the true alliance between entertainment industry producers and renowned UAP/ET researchers. The sharing of this information takes place through regular, in-person meetings and discussions, as well as via digital meetings, for its members, who are located in Southern California, across the United States, and around the world.

“I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was denied access”

— David Grusch, U.S. Air Force Officer and Former U.S. Intelligence Official (July 2023 Congressional Hearing)

HDA will be a viable link between the world of media and the UAP/ET research community to bring the planet’s most remarkable issue – an extraterrestrial presence on Earth – to the forefront. HDA will help facilitate true change by inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and digital content creators to inform the world about what will soon become the most unprecedented event in human history:


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