True ET Stories

These are true ET Encounter stories gathered from the ET Encounters Forum and from Experiencers who have contacted me through email, interviews, social media, and in person.

Millions of people around the world are having ET Contact. It doesn’t happen only in 3D, wide awake, driving down a dark road, or camping in the woods. ET Contact also happens in an inter-dimensional fashion, encountering beings from other dimensions. Experiencers often travel through time portals to other planets or worlds. The mind has a hard time labeling these inter-dimensional travels so it calls them dreams or hallucinations or makes you believe you are seeing things that are not there. They are really there. These are real ET encounters…

Izmir, Turkey: I was nine years old. My dad was in the US Army and we were stationed in Izmir, Turkey. That summer I had encounters with small pale-skinned beings with long, blonde/white hair. They had almond-shaped, slanted blue eyes. They were small, about five feet tall. This I believe occurred in an altered state of consciousness. I was taken on their ship to their world and observed how they live…They taught me how to meditate at age nine…They said we have everything we need but knowledge is misapplied. They were benevolent and not part of any hybrid program. Thank you for letting me share my story.

West Midlands, England:…and the next thing I knew, I was laying down on some sort of table in a curved room with diffused light coming from the bottom of the walls. I looked to the side of me and to my surprise, there was a woman on the table next to me…I am given the knowledge of everything there is to know about the Universe. Of all the things that I have experienced, this is the one thing I know to be true, someone or something gave me the answers to everything…

Tucson, Arizona, US: The few people I have shared my experience with just stared blankly at me or even worse, just poo-pooed it away. I know what happened, I know what I saw and experienced and I know it was real…We were having a meeting in the auditorium..I was sitting there listening when I was suddenly oblivious to everything around me and my attention became drawn to three egg-shaped orbs off in the distance. They were speaking to one another. As they drew closer to me, I began to make out the details and saw that they were three men in white…One stopped four feet in front of me and radiated nothing but understanding, patience, and love…I knew with all my heart spiritual love…I was frozen in place…All communication was mental/feelings/knowing and at no time did anyone actually speak verbally through their mouths…This was a very personal experience that touched me deeply.

Red Bank, New Jersey, US: I was asleep and just popped my eyes wide a wake and saw in the corner of my room two tubes that were held by something hiding in the corner. Suddenly, on the extended four-inch tubes appeared a mantis being that floated toward me holding a white paper… The only part of it showing was its head and two jointed hands holding the paper. I was so amazed by the being itself that I saw nothing on the paper. As it got closer to my bed, I could hear music very faint with no words just instruments. It floated past me, landed on my headboard, and dissipated. I jumped out of bed and looked on the floor to see if the paper was there, it was not. I then felt compelled to run downstairs and write what I heard in my head. I was a matter where you go, I will always be with you, doesn’t matter what you do. This was a song from the 70’s by Bread. It is fitting as all my life I have never felt alone…My first visual experience was with a small 4ft tall being with no hair standing at the corner of my bed staring at me. I have seen him 3 times since 2014…I had another encounter while asleep. I was awakened by something hitting my foot. When I opened my eyes, it was a small space ship, white not solid looking but saucer shaped and it made a zit, zit noise as it floated past me. When I am being taken, I wake up with my whole body vibrating with a pulling sensation…Do any other experiencers…have their feet touched at night? Thank you for taking the time to read my experience. My story is not a story but the truth! Tears just came down my face as it is overwhelming holding all this in. But it is also majestic seeing things I’ve never seen before in my life.

Kirkwood, Missouri, US: I woke up to the electricity in my house suddenly going out. My dog was sitting up watching something move around the bedroom…Then I heard an other-worldly EEEEEEKKKKK sound…It was a sound I never heard before and it pierced right through me. My dog jumped about a foot in the air…suddenly the electricity came back on and everything went back to normal.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada: It’s kinda weird to tell my story…because I have never written to anyone about it before…Sometimes it makes me feel like I am losing my mind…January 2019…I open my eyes and found that I was laying on a table…I saw another bed with a Grey lying on it and two others standing by…A being was standing on my left-side looking at me, it was a pure moment of happiness and I look at him with a smile and a lot of love…I wake up smiling, full of happiness and love…I tell my wife…and she said that is really weird because she dreamed 2 weeks before that she was in a spaceship with someone standing behind her but couldn’t tell who it was because she was too afraid to look behind her… This is a part of me and I’m not shy about it nor afraid of people bashing it cause I know this is for real and I only hope they will come out soon to let everyone know that everything is there and for real. Thank you for this opportunity.

Flagstaff, Arizona, US: I work…in a hotel…in Arizona… One morning…around 5am-6am, I stepped outside to have a smoke…As I was standing there looking…no clouds in the sky..I noticed a bubble in the sky…I could see through it but also could tell there was something there, as if it were cloaked. It was moving slowly and made no sound that I could hear. It had this distortion around it like the edges of the bubble were blurry, almost like a mirage. The second I realized this is a UFO, the bubble turned into a solid while light. Right before I ran inside to grab my phone, the light shrank into a smaller ball of light, then it zipped of really fast headed east.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, US: Recurring “dreams.” Being escorted around by Grey types. Learning words like pulsar and googling the words and actually learning things subconsciously. I asked a question about a Being’s home planet and was explained that one of their stars was not like ours. It was a pulsar. Which I thought was a watch company. Turns out it is a certain stage of life that a star goes through.

Pell City, Alabama, US: It was late afternoon…still daylight out. My friend and I were sitting on the living room floor assembling a dog crate. I glanced up into the kitchen and this creature was standing next to my refrigerator looking directly at me. It was gray, extremely tall, it had to kind of hunch over to keep its head off the ceiling. It’s arms were very long and it had black eyes. I screamed and turned away. My friend, panicked, says “What is wrong?!” Well, I looked back and it was gone. Thinking it was a figment of my imagination, I replied “Nothing, it’s gone.” Well, my friend turns around and says “No it’s not. It’s standing beside the refrigerator.” She saw the exact same thing that I saw. It she hadn’t seen it, I know that I would have convinced myself that my mind was playing tricks on me.

San Diego, California, US: When I was a child…I woke up in the middle of the night and saw…an entity manifesting in the corner of my room. I saw an image of a triangular being with one eye that appeared to be floating in the corner near the ceiling…colored lights were radiating from it. The entity spoke to me but I couldn’t make out any words – it sounded very garbled…I knew without a doubt that I was experiencing this while I was awake. After going back to sleep, I dreamt of a black spherical spacecraft that appeared to have landed in my back yard. The next day, when I went out to check the backyard, I noticed that…something was written/burned in some form of script on my window screen. To this day, I have kept that window screen and often look at the interesting script and symbols on it.

Highlands, Scotland: …while I was in bed…I look over to the door and see the black outlines of 3 beings walking towards me, then boom white light and I wake up to my alarm clock at 6:30am…around midday, I began to get flashbacks…I was dropped back into reality from being asleep, wide eyed and panicking trying to see what was going on outside without letting my wife and son look out the window. I hurried into the living room and when I opened the curtains, as soon as I did, I was sucked through the window. The next thing…I am walking back into the house from the garden in the early hours of the morning…I began to wonder if I was going crazy or not because in my garden on the grass, there was a small area of flattened grass in the exact area where I stood. Weeks passed and again I woke up to that familiar feeling of being watched…the time was 3:33, then a flash of white light and standing in the corner of my bedroom was a 6ft white-haired woman looking straight at me. I was not scared. It was like she was family or something. She spoke to me telepathically. She said that things will get worse before they get better and that “they” are watching over me.

Dallas, Texas, US: I had encounters as a teenager from age 14 until about age 24. Sleep paralysis for sure. Over and over again. I would ‘come to’ knowing that I was paralyzed. I remember floating back down to my bed and opening my eyes and seeing a being walk in front of my window. I think that I have contributed eggs, hence the visitations during my adolescence. I never told anybody. I want to thank you for this opportunity to share with you. I am new to all of this and welcome communicating with you about my encounters.

US: I looked to my side and behind my head I noticed 4 beings, kind of like the greys, but they were more whitish, thin and a little taller. I then noticed I was on a silver metal bed. They didn’t look mean or nice. Towards my feet area I saw some other beings, but they were darker…and then I saw the white sheet that had been covering me and was being put over my face…then I woke up and my sheets were half covering my face…I also remember being on ships, just as a visitor, not on a table/bed. I had a connection with them, and they told me that they were taking, well not taking, we were going on their ships, my family and I, to get knowledge. I understood it as a training of some sort. We weren’t the only ones either. There were many other humans on the ship as well. They take us every so often.

West Yorkshire, England: My first encounter was when I was 8 years old…I was taking a bath when two beings materialized in the bathroom. Both looked human. They were slightly elevated off the floor to my right hand side. Both very attractive, with long blonde shoulder length hair wearing tight fitting blue jump suits. They were speaking telepathically to one another which I could understand. The female, Dee, said to the male, Ort “Is this the boy?” Ort replied “Yes.” Dee said “Are you sure this is the boy, he is very small, he is uneducated and look, he is frightened by our presence.” Ort replied “This is the boy. I will guide him. I will teach him.” There was some other conversation but I do not recall…I was frightened to death. I was so frightened, I did not get out of the bath, the water went cold. My mother came to see why I was still in the bath. I told her about the two beings and my Mum said it was my imagination. It was not my imagination. It was the start of a life-long interaction. They have shown me many wondrous things and educated me about consciousness…They materialized in my bedroom and said they wanted me to talk and write about my interactions with them. Through out my life, I have initiated communication to learn more about…who we are and about our connection to consciousness and our extended families. We have been kept in the dark too long. We, Experiencers, are now speaking out. There are many of us. It is OK to share my name and contact information.
Kevin Briggs

Richmond, Virginia, US: I was walking home from my girlfriend’s house…there was an image of a flying saucer landing by the road and me being led to it…I became fully conscious lying on my back with my eyes closed. A being was suggesting to me that I open my eyes and look at him. He was a very large insectoid face peering into my eyes…I understood that I was on board an alien spacecraft. Other, smaller beings surrounded me and I felt encouragement and support from them. I saw technology, very similar to that illustrated by science fiction. But totally different from anything I have ever seen. Or imagined. But there was a familiarity to it all. I had been there before. The being held me in a mental field like magnetism and my thoughts were his thoughts…He then told me that my relationship with him and his people would be exactly as I wished. It would be for life and they would be with me physically, for the mutual benefit of us all. Then he began to increase the conscious interface between our minds to a point beyond my ability to describe. He was fully conscious of the contents of my mind. And I understood much of his nature and about his purpose…They were evolved beyond most human concepts like emotion or self-centered concepts. I could feel the other minds on the craft as individuals. But we were united in a warm, inclusive unity of being. It was a feeling of unity and belonging that I will alway remember…I was suddenly transported down to my bedroom. I mantid in dark robes addressed me, “We regret but we will have to limit your memory of these events for the time being.”…I told my father…he replied “Yea, they’re dragging my ass off every night too and I don’t like it!” We were being taken on board every night for a few weeks and our memories came and went. Later I discovered that the events coincided with a large UFO flap that included lots of sightings of the craft.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii: I found myself awake and aware inside an ET vehicle…in a room…lying on a table. I felt like I was in a strange hospital room. I sat up and was looking at a strange black and white object hanging on the wall. Three short, large-headed people covered head to toe in some kind of very reflective material walked in together…I remember feeling stunned and very afraid. I remember looking at the eyes that were also very reflective and the words “Oh hell no…this is too f-ing weird” came out of my mouth…the next thing I remember was coming into awareness and a tremendous dropping sensation, like when an airplane hits an air pocket. All I could see was blue. I was on the floor of my living room yelling with all my might “What’s happening?!”…I processed this as a really weird dream until I had a big epiphany in 2012 and came to see the obvious ET presence that had been through out my whole life. I found the strength a short time after that incident to leave a very abusive marriage and I believe somehow that the experience helped me make that change.

Canada: Last night, I “dreamt” I woke up and barely opened my eyes and saw some shadow figures moving out of the corner of my left eye…I was in front of a round table with some ET race, looked like a council of some sort. They were talking something about if they don’t do something they were going to be conquered, but they are peaceful, non-violent so they had to get someone to do the fighting for them and that’s why I was there…although I am peaceful, non-violent myself but not so much that I wouldn’t fight if I had to, just want to avoid it if possible…I was outside and the night sky was pitch black but I could see stars and the moon and clouds. The clouds moved into letters to spell things but I don’t remember…I was also talking to someone, but don’t remember that conversation.

South London, England: On 18 October 2017, 3 Beings showed to my friend in her hallway early evening. Small, no face features with big heads, they always showed in 3. She put a fb picture of a drawing of them. I saw it and called her ASAP, as not her normal topic. She told me her alien family had showed up that weekend. I was so shocked, I asked if I could go there after work. We sat as she described the events and then she stopped and I could tell she was scared, only moving her eyes to the hallway, she said “They’re here!” I couldn’t see anything and went along, “Ok,” I said. What followed was an hour long conversation with my friend channeling their every word…

The following are some of the channeled messages from the Beings to Annette and her friend…

We asked them, “Are you God?”
The 3 Beings replied, “There is no one divine being, only a oneness, a collective connected oneness…al Beings are made from Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen”

(So, we decided to call the Beings CHON and have a facebook page CHON Oneness )

“In 3 generations, a choice is coming to Humans that we do not have now. A time of love and sharing…when Humans an love their own, our Being family will show…they never left, we are them, the are us, one energy in many forms…”

I have over 30 drawings of each conversation.

US: I’m four/five years old. I woke up and was either laying flat-out face down on the floor or was in a sitting position face down on the floor. I sat up and looking forward, the room I was in was dark except for a band of light that was running horizontal across the perimeter of the room that I was in. It was something like a florescent light. The room was round, like sitting in a bubble, curved walls and floor.

The band wide light was about one third of the way up the wall from the floor, I think I was groggy. Perhaps exiting from a state of sedation? There was a deep, humming, pulsing noise, rhythmic, still I can here it’s pulse, it’s sound, vibration when I think of it.

On my left, there were many young children, even a few babies. Some were sleeping, some sitting in a zoned out state, some waking up. Most were fully clothed, some were naked. My eyes, something with my eyes, they had light coming out of them, like torches….

Baltimore, MD, US:  I first saw the object over the Patapsco River…As it passed over my head, a red light in the center of the saucer began to pulse once every few seconds and it came to a dead stop….At this point I was way beyond scared…It turned slowly until a window, shaped like a trapezoid, faced my direction. In the window I could clearly see a silhouette of a humanoid form from the chest up, though the head appeared larger…I was looking at it and it was looking at me. I tried to run but couldn’t. My knees were like butter. The red piercing light on the bottom felt like it penetrated my body…it accelerated to a speed I have never seen anything move at before…

Western Massachusetts, US: In the middle of the night while sleeping, I felt myself being escorted by what seemed to me to be two little beings of unknown origin, and taken somewhere. I immediately knew it wasn’t a dream as my fear level increased rapidly. At the time, I felt paralyzed and unable to move or protest, so I recall telling myself that I might as well just go along with it and see what happens…Next recollection was a being on a metallic type table in a very brightly lit room of some kind. I looked to see a tall, slender grey type ET working rather quickly in sudden choppy type movements near my body. It felt cold and impersonal to me, and almost invasive, so as my consciousness kicked in, I immediately started to engage telepathically with the alien, surprising myself with how natural and familiar it felt. The ET stopped and seemed rather amused or startled that I was conscious, and so we engaged as I shared thoughts about not being a good candidate for anything invasive, how unnecessary ti seemed to me, Universal Law and other matters I couldn’t recall…My last memory was of a faint smile, a mutual admiration for who we are at the core, and for Source in which we all are part of. Love of higher order was the parting gift…I haven’t been the same ever since.

Merritt, North Carolina, US: I witnessed 6 lights almost overhead in the middle of Bayboro (by the way, Sev lives only a few minutes from here) near the court house driving home one night with my fiance. I pointed up because they were ahead and I was like omg do you see it, do you see it?! He said yes and as we got closer they all went out. I couldn’t believe it but I was so glad he was there to witness it.

Birmingham, UK: My ET contact…grey, tall, thin strangely elegant, with an enigmatic smile…she (I believe she is a she) has very faint lips…started again some 2 years ago. I am aware of the presence in the room, then it is as if I have passed out and the next thing is I am falling and hit the bed. Other wise, they come to me when I am meditating, just appear in front of me. I am not scared…I know them, they know me, as we have been friends for years, for a long time and we instinctively acknowledge each other…I found myself saying, “I want to go home! It is not here. I know it is somewhere else.”

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San Pedro, California, US: “On Jan. 17, 2019 at 4:30am, I awoke with a start and there standing in my room next to my bed was a “Tall Grey” alien being looking down at me. He had to be at least eight feet tall as his head was almost in contact with the ceiling. He looked like the standard “gray alien” only twice as tall and he was more whitish in color. He was wearing a high-collared robe that seemed to be made of a very fine mesh fabric. It had an almost “chan mail” look to it and had gold trim along the sleeves and along the front and up the high collar. He was blocking the light from the neighbor’s yard as he stood between me and the window. He just stared at me quizzically as if not understandingly fear, and then after what seemed like an eternity he dissipated into thin air.”

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