About Sev

Hello, I am Sev.
I thank you for being here. Not just here on my site, but on Earth. You are valuable to this planet. We all are. Putting aside judgments of good & evil, right & wrong, each one of us has a fine reason for being here.
Many years ago, I began the adventure of discovering my fine reason for being here. It was a journey to get to this very point in my life: a journey across continents, a journey through relationships and, ultimately, a journey through my mind into my heart.
I know the grief of ended marriages, the sorrow of losing friendships, the fear of not having enough money, the confusion of who I am, the pain of family dysfunction, the worry that I did it all wrong, the  the doubt that I am sane, the grief of death, and the misery of crying myself to sleep.
During all of my life’s dramas, I carried a secret. Since childhood, I knew things about people. I could “hear, feel, and see” inter-dimensional information. The messages came from angelic beings, people who had died, other-worldly life forms, and from the energetic matrix of knowledge surrounding all of us. I battled with my secret for a long time. I tried to shut off the influx of inter-dimensional information my senses were tuned in to, but couldn’t. 
I finally got tired of the struggle. So, one day in November 2009, I did something that, for me, was very strange and out of character. I went to a medium, a lady I had never met and did not know. She didn’t even have a website. I went with an open mind, but she had to convince me. I sat there tight-lipped. Without any prompting from me, she answered right away my silently burning question: Am I crazy? She said to me, “You should be doing what I am doing. You can hear, feel, and see very well. Now, tell me where I am moving to.” I was stunned. I closed my eyes, told her what I saw and she said, “Yes, that is exactly where I am moving.”  She validated everything I needed validation for. I felt so good and relieved and excited about my future. That didn’t last long, though, because my logical brain took over. By the time I drove home, I thought, “Poor thing, she is just as crazy as I am.” My truths needed time to sink in.
For two months, I couldn’t shake what I heard and felt in that session. The messages resonated with me. It felt right. I took action. I called a girlfriend and asked her to send me a stranger to read. She sent me two. I wanted to scream, “Are you delirious? What are you doing to me? Two? I don’t know if can do one!” Instead, I calmly said, “Ok, thank you,” and almost threw up before they came. This was the moment where I was going to sink or swim – the moment I was going to change my life and take charge. The scariest moment of my life, thus far. The biggest battle my ego and I have ever had. I was jumping off a cliff. I would either fall flat on my face or soar like a free bird. Much to my delight, the readings went very well and my wings finally unfolded. 
We are all multi-dimensional beings. We all have the ability to engage in ESP, Astral Travel, Energy Healing, etc. This is our true nature. There is nothing special about me or anyone who talks with the dead, channels, or is psychic. I am simply exercising my multi-dimensional muscles. You can, too.
After 10 years as a Spiritual Counselor conducting Intuitive Readings, I jumped off another cliff. I “came out” about my life-long ET Contact. This was a huge leap of faith for me. I was scared but punched through the fear. “Coming out” was the best thing I have done. Denying an important part of my history and reality inhibits my spiritual growth and my ability to create a fulfilling life. To read more about my ET Contact, please go here.
I have learned that making dreams come true means punching through fear. Every time we take a deep breath and walk through the door of fear, we alter our energetic fabric. Each consciously-driven step into our potential affects our current and future possibilities, thus creating our personal reality.  
I have conducted thousands of Soul Purpose Readings around the world and have gained knowledge in finding personal peace through conscious creation. Why do I do this? Because my purpose is to help you fulfill your purpose. And I love doing it.
evolve through love,

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