Sev is interviewed by George Noory, host of GaiaTV’s Beyond Belief.

Sev is featured in the Canadian TV docs-series, Encounter: UFO – Physical Contact. She tells the story of coming face-to-face with Grey’s, in 2017, and the red X they burned into my back. Sev also talks about her childhood ET Contact and discuss the benefits of ET communication (and Sev has a “butt double!”).

Also featured is Experiencer Terry Lovelace, author of The Devil’s Den, Caroline Cory, Alexis Brooks, and AJ Gerard discussing the UFO Encounter is Colares, Brazil. The Brazilian government is the first in our world to admit that ET Contact is real.

April 30, 2021. For CanadianTV, T + E Network, an 8-part docu-series Encounter: UFO.
Sev is in the episode is Physical Contact.