I am an Experiencer

On September 16, 2017 my life changed.

The secret I had been hiding for 45 years exposed itself. The reality of my life-long ET Contact could no longer remain hidden. What I thought were dreams, were not. Dreams don’t burn a red X into your back.

September 25, 2017 brought with it another shock, shifting my reality again. Another red X was burned into my back. I have a conscious memory of lying on a table, on my side, unable to move my arms and legs. I could move my head so when I sensed something behind me, I turned coming face-to-face with a Grey. We stared into each other’s eyes. It was like looking into two pools of black oil. I was scared to death.

I have encountered Greys and other ET types before in Baltimore MD, on Capitol Hill Wash DC, in Roswell NM, and in North Carolina. They gave me knowledge about the hybridization program, how to activate DNA, our role in the Galactic Neighborhood, our possible fate, and more. I spent decades ignoring my conscious memories filled with ETs and the inexplainable marks on my body; but I had a gut feeling my memories were real. I just couldn’t admit it to myself or to others.

I explain my struggles to process my ET Encounters in my book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens. I describe some of my ET Contact, the messages I was given, and how the ETs changed my life for the better. “Coming out” was very hard for me, but it has brought happiness and a deeper connection to my life purpose. Denying the truth about my reality inhibited my spiritually expansion, which did not allow me to express my authenticity.

Many years ago, I decided to become the most authentic version of myself I could possibly be. I personally believe when we express our authenticity, we are happy, creative, loving, and deeply fulfilled. I did not realize my path of authenticity included ETs, my personal road block. I had to face it, deal with it, and move right through it. I refused to let this block prevent me from expressing the real me, the joyful me.

I had my “coming out” at AlienCon in Baltimore in November 2018. Since I graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore, lived there for 20 years, and had ET contact there, I found it fitting to “come out” there. It was a fantastic experience. I was a Guest Speaker and my talk was well received. As I sat at my vendor table, I was surprised that most of the people who approached me had an ET Contact story of their own. Often they would start off with, “I have never told anyone this before…” And that is when I realized I have a mission to help Experiencers tell their stories. Keeping these fantastic experiences secret due to confusion or fear of ridicule affects one’s life. When the vibrations of secrecy are released, one’s internal and external reality changes beneficially.

I now offer free help to Experiencers. I want them to know they can positively transform from these incredible events. This is why I created the forum ET Encounters available on this website. I encourage Experiencers to share their story with me privately and I will personally respond.

When I needed help, I reached out to internationally-recognized Kathleen Marden who is the Director of Experiencer Research at MUFON , Author, Speaker, Researcher and the niece of Betty & Barney Hill, the most famous abduction case from 1961. With her kind and sweet demeanor, Kathy validated my experiences and made me realize I am not crazy. Much to my delight, she honored me by endorsing my book. The help she provided for me was so life-changing, I want to provide similar guidance for other Experiencers.

Along with my Spiritual Counseling work, I am a Speaker and Author about ETs, their connection to our Spiritual Enlightenment, and how we are part of a large Galactic Neighborhood. There is a direct relationship between ETs and spiritual transformation, whether it is a personal transformation or a collective one.

I created Alien Spirit TV, a youtube channel, to find answers to man’s biggest questions: Who are we? Why are we here? How do we find peace? The channel also provides spiritual and metaphysical information, ways to strengthen your paranormal abilities, how to tweak your Quantum Field to manifest, why reprogramming your DNA accelerates Ascension, ET stories, and more. I also have a newsletter dedicated to spirituality, personal empowerment, and ETs.

Ultimately, spirituality and ETs collide. For spirituality is the path of oneness and that includes the ETs.

You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens on Amazon

“Sev Tok’s beautifully detailed journey to understanding a most difficult intrusion of non-human entities into her life is poignant. Her book is both brilliant and accurate –
a genuine page turner!”
Kathleen Marden