Past Life Session

The idea of past lives influencing one’s current life is a concept found in spiritual and philosophical beliefs. Known as reincarnation, the experiences and lessons learned in past lives can impact current circumstances, behaviors, health, likes & dislikes, struggles, negative beliefs, relationships, and one’s potential to achieve success.

Past Life Regression Therapy provides the opportunity to uncover unresolved issues or traumas that affect the present. Awareness of these issues, allows one to address them, thus changing current reality. In regression, one actually feels what that life was like, viewing it through the eyes of that person (or Being).

Past Life Sessions also provide answers to the burning questions of life. Another consciousness (aka past life) creates an energy that courses through the present life. In a Session one can discover the “energetic theme” – some re-visit the same theme over and over in many lives and this creates hurdles. It can produce the feeling of stagnation or a defeated feeling that no matter how hard one tries, nothing turns out right. 

Dreams and meditations can also reveal past lives.

No need to repeat the hardships of another life! Been there, done that. It is time to move on. But often it is not consciously known what the energetic theme or energetic hang up is until it’s divulged through the lessons of past lives.

key points about past lives:

Karma: Actions in past lives influence current circumstances and experiences. Positive actions lead to positive outcomes, negative actions lead to negative consequences.

Lessons: Souls reincarnate to learn and evolve. Each lifetime presents new opportunities for growth. Lessons that were not learned or resolved in past lives may carry over into the present life.

Healing: The goal is to uncover unresolved issues, traumas, or patterns from past lives. By acknowledging these issues, individuals may experience healing and transformation.

Soul Contracts: These agreements shape our relationships, experiences, and life paths. Exploring past lives can offer insights into soul contracts and the connections with others. These can be broken!

Interconnectedness: We are not separate individuals but part of a larger cosmic weave. The relationships and interactions in each lifetime contribute to the collective spiritual journey.

I have been delving into my past lives. It is helping me get focused, heal ancestral trauma, be more aligned with my purpose, understand relationships, and advance my career.

60 mins

Private Session

We discuss 2 past lives, the themes you came to explore, life-patterns you wish to heal, new energies you want to birth into your personal matrix, and how to transform subconscious beliefs that set you back and knock you off your course of success. You can use this information to better understand why you may be stuck, unsure, unfulfilled, not as successful as you want to be. You discover which mental belief patterns you are re-living over and over, helping you to finally rid yourself of them so you can achieve your goals.

We have an infinite number of consciousnesses, because we are fractals and fractals never end. I like to call them consciousnesses instead of past lives. Quantum Physics says it is all happening NOW. There is a beam of energy running through all your lives NOW, connecting all your lives at once.

Like a paper doll chain

Sometimes I wonder if my other lives are cognizant of this life. Is another life of mine saying “I had this weird dream that I was this lady living by the water with 2 black cats doing spiritual sessions or something…it felt so real…..”
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