“I had the honor of having Sev Tok on my radio show, “Your Hidden Power.” I was instantly blown away by her words. After the show I HAD to ask for a private reading. Sev Tok rocked my world with the most insightful vision of me, a vision of myself that I knew was in there, but needed her words in my ears to manifest. Now, I am empowered to continue my life’s work because of how specifically she articulated exactly what I need to do for love, money, and success in this lifetime. If you want to be inspired to become your authentic self, get a reading with Sev Tok…”

Laura Banks
Host of Your Hidden Power


“What an absolutely extraordinary gift Sev shares, I’m blown away with my Soul Session & I couldn’t be happier.

How I felt after speaking with Sev… Besides the amount of love & ease radiating from her… for me was like a breath of fresh air, following a deep exhalation of relief & (long overdue) too.

Exactly what I needed to hear at this exact  moment in my life (perfect timing) We spoke of things I intrinsically knew, things I hoped to hear and the possibilities I can be excited for.

I was a bit surprised (and not haha) how she read me like a book – – – without saying a single word besides introductions – – – A profound pivotal point in my journey that I cannot express my gratitude & deep, deep appreciation.

I Love you SO much Sev! Thank you, Beautiful Soul.” 

Courtney Ochoa,
Kiev, Ukraine


“I believe Sev and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in the next month.  I never expected to be working with her this long…I intended my first reading to be my last!  Boy, how life has a funny way of changing the plans you have made for yourself – to give you exactly what you need and I needed Sev.  I was at a juncture in my life; a juncture where I needed to start stepping into my power to make BIG decisions in a BIG way so I could live my life out loud.

My life has changed drastically and rather quickly in working with Sev; she has provided me with insights and nudging that I have needed to step into myself and see clearly.

 If you are looking for direction, a sound voice of reason, a clear depiction of where you need to go and what you need to do, as well as, a kind and gentle voice to illuminate the areas of your life where you are living small, Sev is your go to girl. I thoroughly look forward to and enjoy our weekly sessions.  I will be forever grateful for the connection and friendship she has provided me in this time.”  TS, Ocean City, MD


“I can’t even say how fundamentally life changing Sev has been in my life these years.”  Kim E., Baltimore, MD


During my first session with Sev so many of my questions were answered, but the interesting thing is that I never communicated my questions to Sev… So how did she know? Sev has a gift of tapping into an unseen source of information, the information that she gives you will always be in alignment with the questions you have for her without you ever verbally asking Sev the questions. Talk about WOW!!! I highly recommend sev because she is great at what she does and she is passionate about getting you the information you deserve to improve your life. Thank you Sev.”  AB, Beverly Hills, CA


Since Sev has entered my life, over a year ago, I have expanded beyond measure. She has coached me on many different levels including and not limited to: energy, my yoga teaching, relationships, money, connection to source, and my self love. I first came to her with much fear in my heart. Through her coaching I have peeled away layers and honed spiritual muscles that currently have me being the happiest, most loving, and most powerful woman I have ever been in my life. Thanks to her teachings I am able own my power, love fearlessly, and really be a light in the world. I am 23 years old. I am so lucky to have the rest of my life ahead of me with the wisdom and insight I have gained from her. She is a truly special coach, and I am forever grateful for what I’ve learned and will continue to learn from her.” TRP, Towson, MD


It was 2012!  WOW!!

My First Experience with her was beyond any expectations I had:  I had never done such readings before, and I have to say,  I was nervous!

As soon as I entered the room where she was receiving clients I felt an incredible sense of Peace and Love: I felt this INCREDIBLE  energy full of Kindness and Gentleness, something I had never experienced before for sure!

The True is: I knew at that time that the decision of meeting her was the BEST ONE I had done in my Life!   

I felt comfortable,  like a new her for all my life, and loved in such a way I never experienced:  Her unconditional Love and Compassion was just coming out of her body and soul, and I felt like that ever since, EVERY SINGLE TIME I had a Reading with her; or a Soul Coaching Session, or a Matrix Group!

I cannot be more honored and proud to write a testimonial for her:  She is been an Unconditional Mentor; a Gifted Soul; Kind and Gentle and with a wonderful sense of Humor;   Compassionate Guide; and honestly a True Friend:  a Gift from the Universe that I never Imagine to get!

I consider myself very blessed to have met her and to have her in my life, and I cannot be more enthusiastic in recommending her to every single one of you out there looking for a Person and Guide to give you the Directions you need in your Life!

Thank you my Darling for this wonderful gift of YOU!!  

Love you!”  M.S. F. , Baltimore, Maryland


My reading with Sev was like having someone read the deepest imprint of my soul with love and clarity. She is gifted with intuition and insight that reconnects individuals to their life purpose. I have referred a number of my own patients to see her which has helped clear some of their physical and emotional blockages allowing for healing to occur.”  Dr. Emily Telfair, Naturopathic Doctor, Baltimore, MD


I’ve been working with Sev for about a year now and it is like nothing I have ever experienced.  She is not a therapist or a coach specifically, yet she is all of that and so much more.  Oftentimes, through our work, things become clear in the most simplistic manner and I am therefore guided through the many ups and downs of life.  The energy and lightness Sev brings to our sessions is inspiring and our meetings are something I truly anticipate and look forward to.  I work hard both in our sessions and in between… and oftentimes my “homework” assignments bring an additional clarity and dimension to the work we do.  As I go forward in my spiritual journey and in the path of my life, I am so blessed to have Sev in my life to help guide me.”  LT, Baltimore, MD


When I met with Sev for the first time, it was to find out what my purpose was in life.  This is very different type of session that one would have with a psychic simply asking questions and getting answers.  In doing so, I have had my world opened up in a mind-jarring (good) way!.  I have since gone back for what I will called a “checking-in” and received the answers and guidance that is continuing to steer my life right now.  I highly recommend Sev for anyone that feels stuck in their life!”  DK, Baltimore, MD


 “You came to me at a time in my life where nightmares were taking over my life, keeping me up and dreading to go to sleep.  I had had enough for many years.  After sitting for 15 minutes, still, no communication- Sev was able to write 10 pages of what she heard the energies/angles/guides tell her about me.  That was January 21, 2012.  I am happy to report that I have not had a nightmare since that day I spent with Sev.  I will be forever grateful!  Thanks for everything Sev. Love, Love!” Karen, Baltimore, MD


 “I am extremely grateful that Sev is living her life purpose. Her readings have been instrumental in shaping the direction of my life work. At times the information was a bit surprising or nudged me out of my comfort zone…yet it resonated at a deep level. Sev was loving and supportive as I adjusted to new directions and ideas, letting go of the old stories and boxes I had myself in. I can’t thank her enough, and am thrilled she is expanding her work to serve more and more people!”  Andrea Wenger, Holistic Healer , Baltimore, MD 


 “Sev is different…. She is down to earth, easy to be with and fun too.  Our sessions have always been fruitful as well as enjoyable.  I highly recommend Sev for those who are looking to clarify the “big questions!”  S.O., Baltimore, MD


  “Sev is delightful and generous in sharing her gifts. She is gentle and kind and sees the humor and majesty of life. My reading with her was very helpful; it confirmed some intuitions and gave me new insights to test out. It is a comfort to know that someone as talented and connected to spirit is available to help guide us through our dark places.”  JG, Baltimore, MD