DNA Test Kits: It Doesn’t Matter Where You’re From!

Every time I see a commercial for one of those DNA-testing kits, I wanna scream, “WHYYYYYYY?”

Why is it important to know the continents your ancestors lived? Why do you want to find a cousin thrice removed (if it’s Richard Branson I guess that could make your life better – maybe not his though). You may discover another father, not the father you thought was your real father, but a secret father (this could make your life worse), or discover that your lily-white Christian lineage is dotted with dark-skinned Muslims (are you still going to Heaven?)

There seems to be 3 main reasons to take these DNA tests. And I offer a warning about taking them.

Reason 1 to take a DNA test: “I want to know if cancer or life-threatening diseases have been passed down to me.”

Have you considered by not knowing, you don’t activate those diseases and by knowing, you activate them? Your conscious awareness and expectations dictate the quality of your mind and body. We all have potentially life-risking DNA in our bodies. We know that some people who have HIV get Aids, while others who harbor HIV don’t. Why? State of mind. Beliefs. Attitudes. Diet. Lifestyle. The personal frequency of the body. A client told me she will probably have her gall-bladder removed one day. I asked why? “Because my mother and my aunt and my grandmother did.” I explained, “That doesn’t mean you have to. Do you have the same attitudes and diet and fears they do? You may be the one in the family to finally break the pattern.”

It is hard for a sick person to believe they are not the victim of the disease. Our bodies are the manifestation of everything we put in it whether it is food or thought. There is more and more scientific research supporting how we suppress and activate our DNA consciously and unconsciously. Just because an illness runs in your family does not mean you are destined to have it manifest in your body. You are not your grandmother. Her body is unique to her. Her body and mind are not the same as yours.

Reason 2 to take a DNA test: “I want to know my identity.”

This one bothers me the most.

Because I emigrated to America as a little girl, I never felt like I belonged anywhere. When I am in Istanbul, I feel more American. When I am in America, I feel more Turkish. I do not fully identify with either culture. Has it kept me back from success? No. Has is stunted my spiritual growth? No. Has it handicapped me in any way? No!

The need to define ourselves according to man-made boundaries on the map feeds into divisiveness, not unity. Man-made boundaries create wars. They create separateness. “I am from over here, you are from over there. We are different from each other.” For wars to cease, we must unite globally. How can we have Earthly peace if it we erect barriers, physical and mental, between us? Self-defining by attaching to portions of land with man-made boundaries (most of which were formed by war and fighting) separates you from Universal Oneness which has no boundaries. Ultimately, we all come from One place.

Defining yourself as self-empowered, smart, confident, peaceful, loving, generous, kind, and humble will contribute to peace on Earth, not being prideful because you are full-born Italian. Wouldn’t it be better for all of us if you are more proud of how you treat people, how much you help others, and how respectful you are to animals and Nature? I don’t care if your identity is Irish. Do you need to put it on a T-shirt, demanding a kiss? I care much more if your identity contributes peacefully and lovingly to all of us.

Maybe our intuitive nature knows we haven’t been told the truth about who we are and where we are from. Our lineage to Other Worldly Beings and to other Galaxies has been kept secret and in our gut, we know it. This is why Sci-Fi movies are so successful. This is why the movie Avatar is a blockbuster. WE KNOW. But we aren’t told. It’s not validated to us. To fill this void, we search for the truth about our lineage on Earth. But our truth is in the stars.

Step into your power by defining yourself without the need to know your Earthly heritage or your Galactic heritage, for that matter. Step into your power to manifest and create your life to your standards by not needing to focus on the past. None of it matters for you to flourish, be successful, and happy. You can create a marvelous YOU without all of that information, it is not important for your spiritual growth.

Reason 3 to take a DNA test: “I want to find lost or unknown relatives.”

You could pry open a Pandora’s Box regretting it for the rest of your life. You may open a Gift Box filled with joyous reunions. You don’t know. If you find a relative divulging a past secret about your family, it could dangerously disrupt not only your sense of well-being but your relatives’. You are rolling the dice.

Focusing on the past removes you from the present. The present is the most powerful place of healing and manifestation. Every moment you focus on the past, you are missing a moment to create the future of your desires.

Warning about DNA tests: Do you trust Corporate America?

No. Then why are you handing over your extremely valuable blueprint outlining virtually everything about you?! If you took one of these DNA tests, do you know where your DNA is sitting right now? In which lab? In which country? Who is studying your DNA right this very minute? It could be a diabolical DNA-mutation lab, or it could be our Government creating a database to make biological warfare. Maybe the DNA-testing company is selling bits of your DNA to the highest bidder. Big Brother not only watches you, but can create a mutated version of you in a petri dish. WHY WOULD YOU AGREE TO THIS?!! Because you must know if you are pure French? Or find a relative you don’t know about? Are those really good reasons to freely relinquish the most private information about you which could be used for nefarious reasons? You are experienced enough to know Corporate America does not have your best interests at heart. Corporate America is feeding into your fears and lack of self-empowerment. And profiting from it.

DNA-tests are popular due to our individual lack of empowerment. Most of us are searching to belong in hopes of feeling empowered. Empowerment is encoded in our DNA. Awareness activates it, but many of us have forgotten that.

And I also have a theory that Governments use these DNA tests to determine our Galactic Lineage. We have ET DNA in us. We come from the stars. We come from the same primordial soup that made the Greys and the Pleiadians. Maybe they want to know who is more Grey, who is more Pleiadian, who is more Reptilian, etc. So you can be watched and possibly manipulated. Or maybe not. But if you believe ETs exist, then why not?

Please allow me to save you money and possible heart-ache: YOUR DNA RESULTS SHOW THAT YOU ARE ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE, YOUR ROOTS ARE EVERYWHERE, AND YOU ARE POWERFUL AND GLORIOUS AND CAPABLE. Isn’t that ultimately more important than knowing where your great-great grandfather was born?

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