Be Busy with Mental Action

Most of the people in the United States have to stay home because of the pandemic. I lost track of how many weeks it has been. We have at least another 3 weeks to go, with rumors of several more. Some are dealing well, while others aren’t.

Since most of us cannot go to work, restaurants, social gatherings, etc. we have to find ways to be at peace at home. Some of us live alone while others have family to keep them occupied. Some are financially okay while others don’t have money for food. Some are healthy while others are sickly. Some live in cities while others live in rural areas. For those of you who didn’t realize how the physical and mental conditions of your life matter, this is your wake up call.

Humans are over-populated and dirty. This pandemic was inevitable (whether you think it is a man-made virus or not). But are we going to change our physical and mental conditions so it doesn’t happen again? Some of us will undergo spiritual transformations while others will fall back to their low-vibratory life style once this is over.

There are certain moments in history I refer to when talking about my personal life. For instance, I refer to the “pre-Anita Hill days” when discussing the sexual harassment in my work and private life. There is “post-911” when talking about losing our sense of collective safety in the US. And now there is “pre-covid” and “post-covid.” I never liked shaking hands, and I hope we won’t be socially expected to do that anymore. Will bowing as the Japanese do be our “post-covid” lifestyle? Will people move out of their densely packed apartment buildings to live where the air is cleaner? Will there be a re-distribution of populations?

When this is over, I wonder how many employees are going to ask to work from home. Or how many kids will want to be homeschooled. Or how many husbands realize they aren’t doing their fair share to maintain the household. How many pets are in a delighted state of being because they aren’t kept in a crate all day (this is horrid, I don’t care what “animal experts” say). How many are re-visiting their guitars or painting or writing books or sewing or meditating. How many of us are re-connecting to our hearts?

Then there are those who choose to sit in fear and stagnation and pity. They don’t move much, eating bad food, watching conspiracy theories or evil alien stories on youtube. They are ignoring their hearts when it is crying out for attention. It is these folks who can prevent this from happening again. Hey fearful couch potatoes, please amp up your vibrations. It doesn’t matter if you want to sit on the couch all day, that is irrelevant. But, please stop your fear mongering and self-pity and doom and gloom. You are affecting us all.

Right now, we may be doing less physically, but mentally we are very active. It is not what you do, it is how you are. What is going to heal this planet is not what you do, it is how you radiate. We exude an energy which flows from us. This is scientifically proven. Your personal web of energy flows through everyone around you. Your energy flows through your family and pets, through your neighborhood, through the country, and through the planet. We are all connected and we can feel each other. This is Quantum Oneness. What is the energy you are radiating? Love or fear?

You matter. You are not more important if you have thousands of instagram followers. The person who isn’t on instagram is equally important as the one who has lots of followers. Because what matters is the energy you exude.

No one has to know your name for you to make a difference on Earth. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, your energy affects me. Just as my energy affects you. We are connected through a Quantum Information Flow of Energy. I can feel you. You can feel me. Individually, we create the collective energetic atmosphere on this planet.

There are low-frequency people and events and some of us love to watch videos about them and tell our friends about the Deep State and the Cabal and the Reptilians. “But you should know about it, Sev!” I know darkness exists. But the only way we are going to shift the balance and erase the dark people and events, is NOT by having one-way conversations about it, NOT creating facebook posts about it. Ironic that those who claim to be bringing light by exposing the dark are simply adding to the dark.

When a TV show about Africa comes on which is all about animals killing each other, I won’t watch it. I have a friend who sends me videos about the Deep State and how the Reptilians rule the world. I won’t watch them. “But it is reality, Sev! Don’t hide from reality!” I am not hiding. Just because I don’t want to watch an animal devour another does not mean I am in denial. This is what “dark people” say to justify their interests and attention.

It is the preponderance of the dark energies on Earth that has created the situation we are in. If we weren’t so fearful, resonating with low frequency, we wouldn’t be living atop one another, living with dirty water and air, having too many kids, and trying to be instagram influencers. It is time to shift the balance from dark to light. If we don’t, another pandemic will come. More turmoil will come. This won’t end as long as we live in a low-frequency state, physically and mentally.

So, here we are stuck in our homes. What are we going to do with this extraordinary situation? Spread Light or Spread Dark? I ask you to be aware of the the quality of your glow, the quality of energy you exude right now. The more of us radiating love, the sooner this will be over.

The most important thing right now is to sit there and glow love.

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