Channeling Basics

You channel 24/7. That is what Humans do. Some are aware of it. Some are afraid of it. Some don’t believe in it. Some don’t even know about it.

My aim is to keep my posts short…so I won’t touch upon all the aspects of Channeling in this post. I will have more posts about it since it is a deep subject matter.

I will answer 3 questions:
Is Channeling for real?
How can you consciously Channel?
Why would you want to?

Is Channeling for real?
Absolutely. Our biggest religions are based on it. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and others Channeled. It was socially accepted back then, but why not now?

I have been a Channeler my entire life and a professional Channeler for 10 years. I have conducted thousands of Soul Sessions which are Channeled sessions. I have clients around the world. I “hear, feel and see” information about my clients that I have no way of logically knowing. It is deeply personal information which holds the potential to transform their lives. If this wasn’t a genuine process, I would have zero clients and would have quit a decade ago.

I also Channel spiritual and metaphysical information which I share in my newsletter and other writings. I Channel Beings with bodies, Beings without bodies, Collectives, and pick up information from the matrix of energy floating around us. WE CAN ALL DO THIS. The messages are loving, empowering, illuminating and supportive. I do not Channel messages of hate, fear, or victimhood. I Channel to empower.

There is nothing special about people who Channel. It just takes practice to be consciously aware of it. Since we have been conditioned to dismiss the inter-dimensional information we have access to, our bodies have mutated so that we do not consciously “hear, feel, and see” multi-dimensional information easily. Our senses have been dulled.

If you don’t believe in Channeling, you have every right to believe that. I am not trying to change your mind. Please remember, just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. For those of you who are on the fence about it, I urge you to keep an open mind and to be discerning. There are honest Channelers and dishonest ones. It is up to your gut feelings to determine who is real or not.

By the way, your gut feelings are a form of Channeling! Inter-dimensional information creates physical reactions in your body – pay attention to them. Have you ever dismissed a gut feeling urging you not to do something but did it anyway? And regretted it? Channeling is not just hearing voices, it is receiving information that does not come via words providing answers and guidance.

How can you consciously Channel?
Meditation provides the pathway for conscious Channeling. With practice, you will be in a constant state of Channeling all day long. You can activate your senses through awareness and practice. Know that you can Channel, believe that you can, and do it – again and again and again. Practice, practice, practice.

Ultimately, you will be consciously Channeling 24/7. It is like living with a TV and radio playing in your head all day. You are in control of the volume button. It is as easy as sitting on your couch, closing your eyes, relaxing and concentrating on your Third Eye. There are lots of guided meditations to help you if you prefer verbal guidance. This is not hard stuff. You just have to want to do it and BE PATIENT. That’s where most of us mess up. We give up easily. We want instant success. Impatience is why many of us are unfulfilled.

You will learn how to discern your internal voice from the voice of another Being. Again, it takes practice. I urge you to meditate, ask questions, and write down what you “hear, feel and see.” Don’t edit it. You don’t have to show it to anyone so who cares what you write. You might think its dumb or nonsense. Just write it down. Practice asking questions and listen, see, feel, and write. It might be a word, it may be a sentence or an entire paragraph. Don’t get caught up in what you are writing because your logical brain will disrupt the process. Tell your logical brain you are on vacation and can’t be bothered and go with the flow.


I will be offering an on-line Channeling class which includes live interaction with me. Channeling is NATURAL so, of course, you can do it! If you are interested in the class, please sign up for my newsletter to get the info planetsev-newsletter.


Your personal frequency determines the quality of Beings and inter-dimensional channels you tune into. You know you are a ball of energy emitting sound and color and lights. You are a walking orchestra and a walking light show. Your aura, or personal vibratory field, resonates with frequency. Your beliefs about yourself and others, your optimism/pessimism, your victimization/self-power, etc. determine the quality of your aura.

The quality of your aura determines what type of Humans you align with. If you are fearful, pessimistic and play the victim, you align with people emitting a similar vibe allowing them into your life. What are your Human friends like? When you are out looking for new friends in the Galaxies, you will align with the same types of friends. This is why personal introspection, the path of spiritual awakening is so important – it changes your vibration so you vibrate at a higher frequency allowing you to align with Humans and Beings of a higher frequency. Love, kindness, generosity, etc. are all higher frequency states of being.

Can you Channel a Negative Being? Yes. If you exude negativity, you will align with such Beings. “Bad” and “evil” are words we have chosen to symbolize the energy of FEAR. If you live in a fearful fashion, you shall align with fearful Humans and Beings. Please know that YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL. If you don’t want to talk to another Human, you don’t have to. Same rule applies to Beings in the other dimensions. Please pay attention to your vibe and know that you can say NO to any Being if it makes you uncomfortable.

******Side note: I know some Experiencers are thinking, “But I was abducted Sev! I said NO but they did it anyway. I had no control over it!” Don’t forget about your Higher Self. It is calling the shots. We are not abducted – a word implying lack of free will – because nothing we do goes against our Higher Will. If you want Channeling or ET Contact to stop, act through your Higher Self – this means direct the event to cease with the conscious awareness that YOU ARE IN CONTROL. This is much deeper than simply saying NO. It is MEANING NO while acting through your SELF POWER. If you think ETs are out to get you or hurt you, please investigate how you view the world through the lens of victimization. This is very important.******

Why Would You Want To?
Information from the Higher Perspective is valuable in creating your life to your standards. You gain insight and guidance that exists in high-frequency realms. This means the information entering your body is of a high vibratory rate, affecting your body in a positive way. Such high-frequency information is healing and transformative.

You receive information that is not grounded in our 3D fear-based realm. Such knowledge is aligned with your natural state of being, your natural connection to Universal Energy. This information connects you to your Higher Self. The higher perspective allows you to see the bigger picture of your life and your current situation. From that higher perspective, you can see more possibilities and choices than if you had your nose to the ground. The butterfly can see the reality of the world clearer than the caterpillar. Your eyes will open. You won’t feel stuck. You won’t feel powerless. You will rise above the petty and the lower-frequency beliefs and actions. This allows you to better manifest, have better relationships, make good decisions, connect with your life purpose, and activate your full potential. All of these leads to a more fulfilled, peaceful, and dynamic life. Who doesn’t want that?!

You know what my dream is? That I don’t have to do anymore Soul Sessions because all of us can Channel for ourselves. I look forward to the day when people who Channel are no longer sought after because it is not an unusual or special thing to do. Will you help me make my dream come true, please? In return, your dreams shall come true.

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