Drug Tripping With ETs

Is there anyone left who hasn’t heard of Ayahuasca?

It is a spiritual medicine used amongst the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Several of my clients have experienced it and shared with me their remarkable experiences. All of them have told me it changed their lives – for the better.

While on it, some saw their future, met ancestors, understood the meaning of life, melted into the Universal Oneness, talked with ETs, or all of the above. If they talked with ETs, were they “abducted” during their Ayahuasca trip?

I don’t like the word “abducted” and rarely use it. It means the Experiencer was forced against their will. I believe our Higher Selves call the shots. From a higher perspective, ultimately nothing is against our will.

In my previous post, Meeting ETs in Astral Travel, I explore our “other parts.” By that term, I mean the rest of you, not just this Earthly form, but the other parts of you existing in other dimensions – the parts of you currently having a conscious life in another body.

Quantum Physics postulates there is no past or future only now. That means there are no “past lives.” Instead, I call them Alternate Lives since they are happening right now in other dimensions.

In this moment, you may be living another life in a different era on Earth, or living in a strange-looking body on another planet, or maybe you are a Light Body in another dimension. Quite possibly, as you read this, you may be dying in one of your other lives. As alive as you are right now, a part of you expressing itself through another body may be dying. And this you doesn’t even feel it.

Maybe Ayahuasca and other psycho-drugs open portals to experience your Alternate Lives. You may see through the eyes of a concurrent life, an ET life. It seems that this version of you is having the Contact because it feels like this perspective, but it could be you are experiencing another life of yours as an ET.

Maybe Ayahuasca and other psycho-drugs help you make ET Contact in this life. While on the drugs, you can dial up an ET with the correct-frequency phone number so they pick up. This is not an abduction but a mutually desired chit chat. Or maybe the ETs have been calling you, trying to reach you, and FINALLY you can hear the phone ring and pick up.

While cruising the inter-dimensional highway on a psycho-drug you may be dialing-in to ETs or experiencing an Alternate Life as an ET. Which one? Both? It doesn’t really matter since all of your lives are energetically connected – think of the child’s paper-cutting game.

Image result for fold paper and cut kids holding hands

Imagine an energetic beam running through all your lives. This energy connects your lives so that a change in one life affects another. This is why your present life can change a past life or a future life.

Because we are tapping into our multi-dimensional reality through socially-accepted practices like meditation and yoga, we are open to trying other tools of consciousness expansion such as psycho-drugs which were taboo. The awareness of our multi-dimensional quality creates a more opened minded individual.

Please don’t rely on drugs to communicate with ETs or Spirit Guides or Dead People. The goal is to live a more consciously aware life without the need for drugs or alcohol or sex or excess food or whatever gets you high. Moderation is okay, if you are able to do that. Some people cannot moderate drugs or alcohol or sex or food or whatever. That is another topic too deep to get into here.

I do encourage you to try to be present during your ET Contact, meaning don’t freak out. Try to maintain composure, ask questions, take note of your surroundings, absorb the knowledge, and allow the transformation. Your past, present, and future lives are dependent on it!

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