Meeting ETs in Astral Travel

Millions of people are having ET Contact and most don’t even know it!

Why? Because the brain has a hard time labeling this multi-inter-dimensional event as a true experience. The logical brain needs to put some kind of label on it so it calls it a dream or imagination or hallucination. There are dreams that are just dreams, but there are also night travels – real experiences in the multi-dimensions while your Earthly body rests.

We have genuine travels during meditation, too. What you see, hear, and feel during meditation can be an actual experience in other dimensions. Meditation is the perfect vehicle to travel astrally. There are many planes of awareness and many dimensions. A common term is the Astral Plane. Some people think it is literally one plane, one particular frequency of reality. Some think it means many planes or dimensions. I use Astral because most people have heard of it, but I believe we travel through an infinite amount of planes and dimensions.

“How do I know I am not making it up? How do I know that’s not my voice just talking to myself? How can I tell if it’s me or Them (ETs, Angels, Spirit Guides, Dead People, etc)?” I am asked this often. I have taught many people to channel. Actually, we are all channeling 24/7. What I am really doing is helping you focus and release. Focus on the inter-dimensional information you are receiving and release the fear and the over-thinking of it. In my channeling classes, I help you become consciously aware of your 3D plus reality. I have not taught one single person who couldn’t channel. Not one. Channeling and traveling astrally is a NORMAL PART OF BEING HUMAN.

There is nothing special about people who are psychic, talk to the dead, channel, or do astral travel. We all all doing these things all day long every day. It is just that some choose to be aware of it while some want to hide from it.

You can plug into the “other parts of you,” as I like to call it. These are the parts of you that are alive in all the dimensions. The whole you is comprised of energy which is made up of an infinite array of frequencies. One set of frequencies allows you to live on Earth now. Another set of frequencies allows you to live in another era on Earth. Another set of frequencies allows you to live as an ET on another planet. The whole you is made up of all these frequencies having experiences at the same time.

Your energy is split into a variety of awarenesses or consciousnesses – other lives which you are living right NOW. There is no past or future, there is just now. As you read this, you are simultaneously living a “past” life (which is really a “current” life, I call them Alternate Lives), or talking with an Alien, or maybe living on another planet, or even dying in one of your other lives. As alive as you are right now, one of your Alternate Lives might be dying this very moment.

Since you exist in an infinite amount of dimensions and frequencies, of course you can talk with ETs. Sit on your couch, close your eyes, meditate and allow your awareness to expand beyond your 3D body. When you start to become aware of the other parts of you, you are free to go anywhere, to any dimension to communicate with any Being living anywhere.

ET Contact doesn’t happen only at night while sleeping, when driving down a dark country road, or camping in the middle of a forest. The easiest way to talk to an ET is to meditate your way right over to them.

The US govt and govts around the world have Astral Travel, or Remote Viewing, Departments. The US govt believes in this and uses this method of communication in psychic warfare, to find lost people, to find hostages, etc. This is not a secret anymore. Thousands of pages of govt papers have been released to the public supporting the billions of govt dollars spent on astral travel to gather information successfully.

If our govt believes astral travel is real, why don’t all Americans? Fear. Fear. Fear. Americans are a fearful bunch. Each of us is more powerful and awesome than what we are taught to believe and that could be scary for some. Maybe our govt doesn’t want us to know. Maybe our govt just wants to keep us small so we can be manipulated.

So, you want to talk to an ET? Want to engage in Astral Travel? You are capable to do so. Believe in your inter-dimensional reality. Believe in how huge you are, how your energy exists everywhere. Believing is the first step. Practicing is the second step – practice, practice, practice through meditation.

There is so much to write about this subject and I really want to keep this short. I must say that it is important that you Astral Travel safely so pay attention to your motives, your fears, your personal belief system, your propensity to play the victim and travel with a ball of loving light surrounding you. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Just like on Earth, if you meet someone you don’t like, don’t talk to them. I will write more about how to safely travel through the dimensions.

Astral Travel is simply transferring your conscious awareness to another part of yourself – a part that is co-existing EVERYWHERE. As you plug into your other parts, you shall naturally meet other Beings. You can have a profound conversation with an other-worldly Being never even leaving your couch.

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