Experiencer Reveal Session

I offer free support and guidance to Experiencers through ET Encounters. After sharing your story with me, which I privately guard, I personally respond and try my best to help you process and understand why you are having ET Contact.

Some Experiencers wish to delve deeper into how their ET Contact is directly related to finding personal fulfillment, manifesting powerfully, and accomplishing their special mission on Earth.

For those of you who wish to have a deeper understanding through an intuitive session, I offer the Experiencer Reveal Session. It is basically a Soul Purpose Session which includes your very special Galactic energy and ET Contact. You can achieve clarity and activate your personal power through the messages in this session.

As a life-long Experiencer recently “coming out,” I understand the personal struggles surrounding ET Contact. I spent most of my life in denial about my experiences and questioned my sanity. I kept my incredible events secret, only to recognize after decades of hiding, that this secrecy and self-doubt was negatively affecting my life.

The fact that I refused to accept my ET Contact as valid and real, created a mental and spiritual block, manifesting negative circumstances in my life. My attitude prevented me from having nurturing relationships, fulfilling careers, and experiencing sincere joy. I also used it as an excuse to sit in the vibration of victimization which manifested in all areas of my life, making me feel powerless and out of control.

I had 2 major fears:
•if my ET Contact is real, why me and why are they scaring me?
• if I tell anyone, they will think I am crazy and my credibility will be destroyed, negatively affecting my life and potential successes

12 years ago, I began my journey of self-exploration. I decided to dig deep inside my heart and mind to understand why I was unhappy with myself. I realized I could no longer blame others for my misfortunes, but instead focus my eyes upon myself to search for the source of my unhappiness. I had embarked on the journey of authenticity – finding the real me, the true me, the best me.

My path of authenticity includes ETs. Your path of authenticity may not include other-worldly beings, but if you have seen or had contact with a craft or alien, your path of authenticity includes ETs too.

Your ET Contact is not by accident. The Beings know you and are intentionally seeking you out. Knowing your relationship to the ETs and why they share advanced knowledge with you is important for you to understand. For your personal success and fulfillment, it is imperative to accept your ET Contact as real and not fear it. When I transitioned from fear to love in my interpretations of my Contact, my life changed for the better very quickly.

The ETs are not out to hurt me or instill fear, as I originally thought. It is quite the opposite. The ETs are helping me, guiding me, teaching me, and watching out for me. My union with them is to aide my human experience on Earth which is a difficult place to live. And my union with them is to spread awareness. I am to speak about my ET Contact, help Experiencers, and provide honest and truthful commentary on my experiences. This is all with one intent: to help increase spiritual awareness on Earth leading us to a kinder, gentler, more advanced civilization. The big message is LOVE.

Gaining clarity on your ET Contact does not mean you have to write a book, go on radio shows, or “come out” globally. Not all Experiencers are to have the eyes of the world upon them. It is entirely your choice how you integrate your ET events into your life.

It is also your choice as to whether you want to create a joyful and fulfilling life. Whether you reach out to me through ET Encounters, have an Experiencer Reveal Session, or get support from other counselors and ET groups, I urge you to receive help. Reading Experiencers stories on True ET Stories is helpful, too. Every step you take in gaining clarity on why ETs are interested in you, is one step closer to falling in love with yourself. And the magical key to a successful, peaceful life is to love yourself.

via Zoom/Facetime/Skype/Telephone
60 minutes $210

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