Soul Purpose Session

In a Soul Purpose Session, you discover:
your life purpose and how to achieve it
your potential and how to activate it
best career paths and how to actualize them
a past life explaining current relationships, negative patterns, likes & dislikes
inhibitive beliefs keeping you from success and how to eliminate them
your authentic self and how to express it
mind exercises and meditations to support your transformation
the basics of manifestation

Your life purpose: you have an individual purpose for this lifetime along with a general purpose we all share. Collectively, we share the purpose of loving. We are here to love each other and to love ourselves – the latter is where most of us get stuck. 

Individually, you have a purpose which can be manifested in a variety of ways. In the process of actualizing your purpose, you develop the skills and knowledge to gain control of your life. This means you become an active participant in creating your life to your standards. It is through the actualization of your Soul Purpose that you discover fulfillment, abundance, and peace. Discover why you came to Earth and what your original master plan is.

Your potential: within you sits your potential, ready to be activated.

When you express your full potential, you transform into the version of yourself which is fulfilled, abundant, and joyful. This creates a life which is fun and dynamic and your energy positively affects others and the Earth.

Learn what you potential is and how to maximize it. You came here for a very good reason. You did not come here to be mediocre. You came here to be the best and most authentic version of yourself you can possibly be.

Best career paths: if you don’t like your job, this will affect all aspects of your life.

Your career should reflect your purpose. When you work in alignment with your purpose, work is not hum-drum, and draining. You feel you are contributing in a positive way to the world and to yourself. When you come home from work happy, you affect the energy in your house and the energy of everyone in the house, even your pets. Your attitude is a good one and your health reflects it. You can sleep and your stress levels go down.

We illuminate your personal strengths and talents directing you to career fulfillment. You spend a lot of time working and all that energy should be spent to make you feel good, not used or drained.

A past life: your soul splits into different awarenesses. Your soul splits into different dimensions creating several versions of you, aka “past lives.”

You may have heard that there is no time, that everything is happening at once. This is hard for us to understand, but this means that all your “past lives” are happening at once. There really are no “past lives”, there are only “now lives” or “alternate lives.”

There are themes running through your lives. For instance, maybe your soul wants to experience victimization and overcoming it to create a powerful version of yourself. You may have lives where you were victimized over and over because you did not learn how to overcome it. Here you are, victimized in this life too. When you learn this is a theme you came to explore, you can look at it from a higher perspective. This view allows you to take control and change your circumstances. You stop blaming others for your misfortunes and take responsibility for them. This realization can profoundly change your life.

Your cells retain all the knowledge and experiences from your past lives. You can draw the knowledge forth and use it to enhance this life.

Inhibitive beliefs: are the silent manipulators of your potential success. You may be aware of some of your negative belief patterns and some you may not be aware of. It can be difficult to re-route negative patterns, but it is doable and worth trying. Your mind creates your reality. What is your mind creating?

You learn the basic theory of Quantum Physics stating that our reality is a reflection of our point of reference and beliefs concerning potential outcomes. You have unlimited possibilities for your life. Learn how to focus on the possibilities you desire so you can manifest to your standards.

Your authentic self: is the best version of yourself. Most of us are conditioned not to express our authentic selves, but instead, are taught to please others requiring our real selves to be hidden. Repressing your authenticity leads to depression, health problems, sleep issues, difficult relationships, unfulfilling careers, and a general feeling of dissatisfaction with life. Jealousy, anger, and victimization are also results of not expressing your authenticity. Learn how to unleash the real you so you can thrive.

Mind exercises and meditations: will support your transformation and inner exploration. Easy to do exercises and meditations are suggested to help you manifest, release negative energy, and consciously stop the mind games sabotaging your efforts to excel.

The basics of manifestation: you are a walking ball of light, color, and sound. You radiate energy just as everything does.

Do you know the quality of the energy you radiate? Your energy is determined by your mind. What do you think of yourself, of others, and the world? The answers create your frequency and vibration which then creates your reality.

You may have heard of The Law of Attraction. Well, I call it the Law of Alignment. Since Quantum Physics says the energy of everything is everywhere, the energy of what you what is hovering right in front of you. You don’t have to attract it, you already have. What you have to do is align with its energy, and then it shows up in your life.

Every person and situation is in your life because its energy aligns with yours. If you want to change the people, places, and situations in your life, you need to alter your energy.

Discover the quality of the energy you radiate creating the circumstances of your life. Learn how to tweak your energy to change you life.

The Session begins right away with barely any initial chit chat. I begin to intuitively “hear, feel, and see” the messages and write 6-8 pages of information which you keep. Clients often have paper and pencil to take notes. I read the session papers to you and we discuss them. You may ask questions. I then email you the session papers. Clients often save the papers and read them occasionally, sometimes referring to them years later and still finding them relevant. The information is dynamic – meaning you can read a sentence today, and interpret it, only to have the interpretation change when you read it again at a future date. The information unfolds and reveals itself to you as you are ready to receive it.

The Soul Purpose Reading is very positive, uplifting, and life-changing. You are provided a roadmap to the life you desire and are made aware of how powerful you really are.

It is never too late to draw unlimited happiness into your life. Learn about your limitless power to create your life to your standards.

via Zoom/Facetime/Skype/Telephone
60 minutes $210

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