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When experiencing life through your Psychic Senses, you are privy to vital information crucial to good decision-making and swift manifestation. Psychic wisdom provides a sense of peace, diminishes worry about the future, and activates your life’s potential.

The more you use your psychic abilities, the more you gain:

Self-awareness: the mental space where you consciously direct your reality to reflect your desires. Self-awareness is the driving force behind manifestation, fulfillment, and activating your life purpose.

Spiritual expansion: an on-going, energetic flourishing of the mind and heart, which are the two primary energy-centers directing the quality of your life.

Self-power: the internal knowing guiding you from the low vibration of “victim” towards the high vibration of “Creator.” You no longer feel you are out of control nor at the mercy of others. Instead, you feel in control and purposefully engage in designing your reality.

Resiliency: the mental strength needed to live your life to your standards despite the circumstances surrounding you.

Higher vibration of your mind, heart, and body: the higher your personal vibration, the easier to “hear, feel, and see” psychic information. A high-vibratory person is healthier, less apt to suffer from stress or sleep disorders, manifests quickly, and has a positive outlook & enthused vitality about living life.

Faster manifestation: what you desire comes to fruition quickly. It feels like you have dipped into “magic.” The natural flow of your life supports the desires of your mind and heart.

If you are reading this, chances are very good that you have had a psychic experience. We all have them; but not all of us acknowledge them.

The Psychic Studio

monthly on-line class with 6 Modules

Module #1: Clairaudience

Module #2: Inter-Dimensional Vision

Module #3: Psychic Forum

Module #4: Clairvoyance

Module #5: Clairsentience

Module #6: Psychic Health

Each Module includes:

psychic exercises & games
Strengthen your psychic senses, and find new ones, with a variety of ESP exercises and games I have created to harness and activate your psychic abilities.

psi-science information
Know the newest scientific research and breakthroughs in the fields of ESP, the paranormal, and Quantum Physics. Scientifically educating yourself is an important part of understanding your psychic abilities. Since I have a Biology degree from Loyola University, I break down the scientific material so it is easy to understand.

guided meditations
Strengthen your psychic abilities with a 15 minute mediation created by me. With my voice, and high-vibratory music, I guide you to a high-frequency state so you can have your own psychic experiences. Each meditation is designed to increase your personal vibration in a step-by-step manner to help you attain high frequency psychic information.

inter-dimensional knowledge
Learn how your psychic senses are intertwined with the the Universal Matrix, how to activate your life purpose, and how to design your reality to reflect your desires.

video of my psychic tips
Benefit from the tips and suggestions I share with you to help you receive faster, clearer, and more accurate psychic information.

live, interactive Psychic Forum with Sev
In a 2 hour zoom session, receive personal attention, ask questions, share psychic experiences, and get tips. You receive an energetic upgrade by connecting through the Live Session offered mid-way through the Psychic Studio Course.

Module #1
“psychic hearing” of words, music, and vibrations
Evolve your psychic ears to hear sounds from other realms. You can hear music, words, and energetic frequencies of people, animals, places, and Other Beings. Clairaudience helps you decide which people and places suit you the best.

Learn how to:
Hear the energies in a room
Hear the energies in an outdoor place
Hear messages from other dimensions

related scientific and spiritual writings
exercises & games
guided meditation
video of my tips to activate your clairaudient abilities

Module #2
Inter-Dimensional Vision

“physical vision” of the non-physical
Strengthen your physical eyes to see in multiple dimensions. You can see energy beams and auras with your eyes open. Inter-dimensional vision helps you make good relationship choices and pick the best locations to live and work.

Learn how to:
See the aura of yourself, others, and pets
See the energy inside a room
See the energy of an outdoor place

related scientific and spiritual writings
exercises & games
guided meditation
video of my tips to activate your inter-dimensional vision

Module #3
Psychic Forum

2 hour live, interactive session with Sev
Receive personal attention, ask questions, share psychic experiences, and get tips & suggestions. The recorded zoom video of the Forum will be available. The collective energies of the Forum are potent, creating an energetic upgrade to intensify your psychic senses.

Module #4
“psychic seeing” of the past, present, and future

Develop your Third Eye, or astral eye, to become a video screen. You can observe people, events, symbols, animals, and Other Beings on this internal movie screen. Clairvoyance helps you find answers to your daily and long-term life questions.

Learn how to:
Observe a place: astral travel/remote viewing
Observe a past life
Observe a future scenario

related scientific and spiritual writings
exercises & games
guided meditation
video of my tips to activate your clairvoyance

Module #5

“psychic feeling” of people, animals, and environment
Strengthen the energy centers in your body to receive and accurately interpret energetic information. You can feel the energies of friends, family, pets, co-workers, places, and Earth’s Collective Energy. Interpreting such information is called “reading”a person, place, or animal. Clairsentience provides an “internal warning system” to help you make the best decisions, plot the best course, and stay on track.

Learn how to:
Read people
Read a room
Read Earth’s Collective Energy

related scientific and spiritual writings
exercises & games
guided meditation
video of my tips to activate your clairsentience

Module #6
Psychic Health
your psychic health is as important as your physical health

Learn how to:
Maintain your strengthened psychic abilities
Provide energetic support and protection for yourself
Be calmer, more balanced, and confident while experiencing the personal freedom to be the real you

related scientific and spiritual writings
exercises & games
guided meditation
video of my tips to maintain your psychic health

personal study & practice
Go at your own pace. You have the freedom to read, learn, practice,
and travel the psychic planes at your own tempo.

Billed monthly: $45 per month
for 5 months
the videos and information are yours to keep



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