Alien Spirit TV & Other Videos

There are 3 questions I think about a lot:

Why are we here?
Are we alone?
How do we find peace?

I created Alien Spirit TV on youtube to focus on these questions.

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Episode 13: The Universe Speaks: Talks to Empower You Sept 28 2019

Episode 11: Stranger Things: A Paranormal Review

Episode 10: LIVE EVENT- The Universe Speaks: Talks To Empower You – Sept 28, 2019

Episode 9: Thoughts Are Electric

Episode 8: Activate Your Ascension All By Yourself Part 1 – What Do You Hear?

Episode 7: 10 Ways To Activate Your Ascension All By Yourself

Episode 6: Telepathy – How to Talk Like Aliens

Episode 5: The White Dog Encounter

Episode 4: Encounters – True ET Stories

Episode 3: Contact in Roswell & Interview with Dianne Kensler

Episode 2: Why I Wrote You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens

Episode 1: Atlantis & The Bermuda Triangle

Other Videos:

The Morph Void – The Tipping Point of Manifestation

Can You Be In 2 Places At Once?

Third Eye

It’s Everywhere