Interdimensional Pets

Zulu Comes Out of the Closet

Zulu is locked in a closet in my dream. My eyes pop open in the middle of the night. From bed, I call out for her. My cat Comet comes running, but not Zulu.

I get out of bed, walk down the stairs, walk directly to a closet, and open the door. Zulu comes running out with a slightly agitated “Meooowwww.” I climb the stairs back to bed and fall asleep.

Upon awakening in the morning, I lay there trying to figure out what kind of communication that was.

Did Zulu enter my dream? Did she send me interdimensional messages which I translated while in a dream state?

Was that a dream or was it something else?

We have more than dream experiences while we sleep and we don’t have good words to define them. I like to call dreams which are NOT dreams, and you can tell the difference, “night travels.”

How did Zulu communicate with me telling me she was locked in the closet while I slept? She has done this before.

A few years ago, I leave my apartment to do errands. I make a right hand turn onto Falls Rd, barely out of my apartment complex in Clipper Mill, and I clearly hear a voice telling me to turn around and go home. I argue with it silently, “What? I haven’t even done one errand!” It is persistent. So, I turn around, contemplating my sanity.

I walk into my apartment and Zulu does not come running to greet me as she usually does. I call out for her and a muffled “Mmmmeow” comes from the closet. I open the door and she darts out. If I did not come home when I did, she would have been in that closet for several hours.

Maybe you are wondering why I keep locking my beloved Zulu in the closet. Well, she is pitch black. She slips in there and becomes invisible. Pet sitters know to check the closets. I had one dinner guest unknowingly lock her in the bathroom. Zulu slips in with stealth.

All of us with pets communicate like this, but some of us ignore it or think we are making it up.

Humans are not the only interdimensional beings.

Animals have energy fields, have souls, and communicate way beyond words. Yes, you know they communicate without words to each other, and they communicate the same way with us.

You can talk with your pets when you are hundreds of miles apart. You can talk to your pets after they die.

Pets can see your energy field. They know when you are happy, sad, or sick.

Zulu is my guardian and healer. The times I have been the most upset, she has positioned herself atop my feet or in my lap. Once, after a very hurtful phone conversation with someone, my heart was in physical pain. I lay on the couch and Zulu positioned herself across my chest, flattened against me so her heart was directly over my heart, and purred and purred. I cried, knowing she could feel my pain and was making it go away.

This is my first post in my new category called Interdimensional Pets.

I will share the interdimensional experiences I have with my pets. I will also write about the multi-dimensional aspects of animals.

Ancients civilizations and the American Indians honored animals and were aware of their vibrational fields.

We are all Dr. Doolittles. Talk to your animals without words. It is their language.

(that is Zulu in my instagram post)

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