When the Pushing Stops

You are a Quiet Power.

Pushing to make things happen in your life stops when you experience your Quiet Power.

As the sole creator and mastermind behind your life, you always exude Quiet Power.

Your energetic power determines your reality.

When you don’t know this, you push to makes things happen in your life.

When you begin to tweak your Quiet Power, you start to consciously create your reality.


What does a life of pushing look like? Like this:

  • you are controlling, demanding, and bossy
  • you micro-manage
  • you are close minded and rarely accept alternative ways of being, which makes you judgmental, too
  • you worry – a lot
  • you don’t talk with people, you talk at them
  • if someone doesn’t agree with you, the debate begins
  • if there is a kink in your plans you erupt or whine or feel sorry for yourself
  • you brag, boast, and puff up your chest
  • you blame others for your lack and unhappiness
  • you criticize others


What does a life of Quiet Power look like? Like this:

  • you are peaceful
  • you are successful
  • you are abundant
  • you are creative
  • your are kind and helpful
  • you rarely erupt into anger or deep sadness
  • you don’t worry much
  • you allow people to be themselves
  • unexpected glitches are seen as potentials for something even better
  • people like to have you around


How do you exercise Quiet Power?

Re-focus your gaze on yourself.

Since the reality around you is the result (or manifestation) of your beliefs,  focusing on what creates your results will re-arrange your life to your standards.

It takes practice.

When you are out and about pay very close attention to the energy you are exuding.

Visualize that you are glowing with confidence, kindness, poise, and self-assurance. This means you will probably talk a little less.

You are speaking with your energy not your words.

Quiet Power.

Try it.

See how others react to you.

Try it a lot.

Even when you are home alone.

Send your new vibration out into the world.

The more you do this, the easier accomplishing your goals becomes, the quicker you manifest, and the happier you are to be alive on Earth.

Right now, Earth is a weird place, but there still is much joy, love, and peace here for you.

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