Tweak My Energy To Manifest Session

You are a walking ball of light, color, and sound. You are a walking orchestra and light show. You radiate energy just as everything does.

Do you know the quality of the energy you radiate? Your energy is determined by your mind. What do you think of yourself, of others, and the world? The answers create your frequency and vibration which then creates your reality.

You may have heard of The Law of Attraction. Well, I call it the Law of Alignment. Since Quantum Physics says the energy of everything is everywhere, the energy of what you what is hovering right in front of you. You don’t have to attract it, you already have. What you have to do is align with its energy, and then it shows up in your life.

Every person and situation is in your life because its energy aligns with yours. If you want to change the people, places, and situations in your life, you need to alter your energy.

Learn what energies you radiate which bring to you the people and situations you like in your life as well as the people and situations you don’t like. Learn how to tweak the energy in your personal energetic matrix to tweak you life.

You can consciously create the energies aligning you to the people, places, and events you want in your life. Yes, you can create your reality. First, you have to know what kind of energies your mind is creating which radiates from you.

Discover how to manifest so you can create your life to your standards.

via Zoom/Facetime/Skype
30 mins $80

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