True ET Stories Taken From the Encounters Forum

**That summer I had encounters with small pale-skinned beings with long, blonde/white hair. They had almond-shaped, slanted blue eyes. They were small, about five feet tall. This I believe occurred in an altered state of consciousness. I was taken on their ship to their world and observed how they live…They taught me how to meditate at age nine…They said we have everything we need but knowledge is misapplied.

**The marks feel like they are confirmations of extra-dimensional experiences that occur during the dream state…They disappear after a few days with no trace left behind. Three marks in line is common (thumb, upper arm, thigh), but three forming an equilateral triangle occurs on occasion. When I say “in line” or “equilateral,” I can measure them within a 1/2cm of accuracy.

**…and the next thing I knew, I was laying down on some sort of table in a curved room with diffused light coming from the bottom of the walls. I looked to the side of me and to my surprise, there was a woman on the table next to me…I am given the knowledge of everything there is to know about the Universe. Of all the things that I have experienced, this is the one thing I know to be true, someone or something gave me the answers to everything…

**The few people I have shared my experience with just stared blankly at me or even worse, just poo-pooed it away. I know what happened, I know what I saw and experienced and I know it was real…We were having a meeting in the auditorium..I was sitting there listening when I was suddenly oblivious to everything around me and my attention became drawn to three egg-shaped orbs off in the distance. They were speaking to one another. As they drew closer to me, I began to make out the details and saw that they were three men in white…One stopped four feet in front of me and radiated nothing but understanding, patience, and love…I was frozen in place…All communication was mental/feelings/knowing and at no time did anyone actually speak verbally through their mouths.

**I was asleep and just popped my eyes wide a wake and saw in the corner of my room two tubes that were held by something hiding in the corner. Suddenly, on the extended four-inch tubes appeared a Mantis Being that floated toward me holding a white paper… The only part of it showing was its head and two jointed hands holding the paper. I was so amazed by the being itself that I saw nothing on the paper. It floated past me, landed on my headboard, and dissipated.

**I woke up to the electricity in my house suddenly going out. My dog was sitting up watching something move around the bedroom…Then I heard an other-worldly EEEEEEKKKKK sound…It was a sound I never heard before and it pierced right through me. My dog jumped about a foot in the air…suddenly the electricity came back on and everything went back to normal.

**It’s kinda weird to tell my story…because I have never written to anyone about it before…Sometimes it makes me feel like I am losing my mind…January 2019…I open my eyes and found that I was laying on a table…I saw another bed with a Grey lying on it and two others standing by…A being was standing on my left-side looking at me, it was a pure moment of happiness and I look at him with a smile and a lot of love…I wake up smiling, full of happiness and love…I tell my wife…and she said that is really weird because she dreamed 2 weeks before that she was in a spaceship with someone standing behind her but couldn’t tell who it was because she was too afraid to look behind her.

** I work…in a hotel…in Arizona… One morning…around 5am-6am, I stepped outside to have a smoke…As I was standing there looking…no clouds in the sky..I noticed a bubble in the sky…I could see through it but also could tell there was something there, as if it were cloaked. It was moving slowly and made no sound that I could hear. It had this distortion around it like the edges of the bubble were blurry, almost like a mirage. The second I realized this is a UFO, the bubble turned into a solid while light. Right before I ran inside to grab my phone, the light shrank into a smaller ball of light, then it zipped of really fast headed east.

** Recurring “dreams.” Being escorted around by Grey types. Learning words like pulsar and googling the words and actually learning things subconsciously. I asked a question about a Being’s home planet and was explained that one of their stars was not like ours. It was a pulsar. Which I thought was a watch company. Turns out it is a certain stage of life that a star goes through.

more True ET Stories are coming…..keep checking back to read real stories of other-worldly beings and travels…..