Sacred Geometry

The Sub-Atomic Structure Called Love

You call it love.  We call it the beingness of everything.  It is a structured energy.  You haven’t discovered it yet.  

One day, you shall see love – you shall see the geometry of it and the sub-atomic placements within it.  

You shall discover how it creates and sustains everything.  

And when you see it through your microscopes, you shall understand how you function and dis-function.  

This secretive power and constructor shall be seen by you when you are all ready.

What you call love is purely the divine glue and building block of all.  It is the energy that has to be in anything or anyone in order for them or it to exist.

Many of you feel the absence of love on your realm.  It is not absent.  Love is in full force on your planet.  

Many are just not focused on amplifying it.  It is the decreased amplification of love which some of you interpret as lack of love.

What you call Sacred Geometry is simply the effort explaining the mathematical and spatial elements of love.

You think love is the strongest force.  Yes, it is.

Love holds together the atoms of a clay pot.
Love holds together the heart of your beloved dog.
Love holds together the bubbles from your soap.
Love holds together the skeleton of your bodies.
Love is the science, the mathematics, the structural engineer, the inventor of all you know and don’t know.

Love holds together the life systems of your most murderous, as well as your evil-plotters and thieves.  Love does not discern.  

It is a neutral force in that in it exists no duality.  

Love is 100% love.  In it exists nothing else.

Some life forms amplify love more than others.  

Everyone and everything houses all the love that is possible to house.  

Everyone and everything is filled to the maximum with love.  

It is the amplification of it which differs.

Once the 3D version of love is created, whether a person, animal, coffee cup, or daffodil, the potentiality of its ability to exude love is determined.  

The flower petal exudes all it can and that is it’s energetic purpose.  It cannot exude less love than what it’s created with nor can it exude more.  There is no more.  It exudes the maximum amount for it is created with the maximum amount.  Upon its death shall it stop exuding the life force.  It is a short burst of love.

Humans are different.  Your hearts and minds determine how much love you will exude.  You are each housed with the utmost maximum amount of love.  Through your experiences, your choices, and your beliefs you either shut off or emit the love within you.  You are simply a faucet of love.  

Not many of you are open.  Being open means vulnerability and most of you are believers in the potential hazards of such a state.  

We wish to let you know that being vulnerable is your secret to manifestation and happiness.

The flower petal is fixed in its emission of love.  Only upon its decay and death does the emission wane and stop.  

The human is not fixed in its emission of love.  While you are alive you can alter and change the amount of love you exude.  

You need not wait upon decay or death to emit less.  For many of you emit less while fully alive due to fears of various emotional states and feelings of unworthiness.

You cannot attain the absolute wide open heart as an Earth human.  You can only do your best to express as much as possible.  For only upon your death, in your soul body, shall you have the wide open heart.  

You came to experience the restriction while expanding as much as possible.  This is one of Earth’s rules, at the present moment.

A human can increase its love energy until it loses its outer crust.  

How? It is simple.  

By loving itself.

You keep tabs on humans.  This is a social killer of your realm. 

Some think the man sitting in the grass on a Saturday afternoon contemplating his place on your planet is lazy compared to the man fixing the broken parts of his house on a Saturday afternoon.  One is contemplating his love for himself while the other is either showing love for his wife by fixing the faucet, or showing love for himself because he enjoys repairing things, or both.  Either way, both men are increasing their love vibration.

The man fixing the faucet while calling his wife names under his breath and wishing he was golfing is decreasing his outward love.  And many think the man fixing the broken item for his wife, while hating every second, is better than the the “lazy” man smelling the grass.

You do not positively propel your selves using the judgmental fuel of others.  

Can you see how these judgments deplete your love emission?

It is backwards, you know.  Many tend to criticize those who do what makes them happy.  

“It is not all about you!” they say.  

We are telling you it IS all about you.  It is all about the love you exude.  Period.  

The amount of love you give off determines your health, your looks, your job, your relationships, your fulfillment, and your peace.






Each and every solitary thing and being on your planet has utmost importance and a reason for being there.  

All is a 3D manifestation of love.

Loving yourself more results in a more powerful aura or electromagentic field.  A more loving aura aligns with more love which further amplifies love which then draws more love and it goes on.  

You have all the love you need.  You can release more and more of it to others and the world.

Release of your love is your power source.  

Sharing of your love aligns you with the people and things you want.  

Exuding your love is the way to personal freedom and fulfillment.

Why do ripples in a pond created from a fallen stone choose to be circular rather than rectangular?  

Why is a drop of water roundish in shape and not square?

Why do the hairs on your head grow from a particular pattern on your head and not in an arbitrary fashion?  

There is a Sacred Geometry in a cowlick on your head.  

Sacred Geometry is the 3D representation of the life force also called love.  It rules.

Love yourself by pleasing your desires.  

Does it please you to look at a rose?  That is how things without hearts fit into your realm. 

Through YOU the rose amplifies love.  

Through YOU the beautiful painting amplifies love.  

Things without hearts can amplify love.

Your child, your dog, your favorite pairs of jeans, your favorite color, your favorite scent are all magical keys to make you feel pleasure and that amplifies your love for yourself.

Humans are unlimited in the abundance of love they house.  There is no need for creation of more love within you.  You house all the love that can exist.  Simply amplify what you house by loving yourself.

Please start with yourself.  Begin to honor your own self.  It is for the benefit of everyone.

Do you want to see more love expressed in the world? You can only start with yourself.

Upon the scientific discovery of a tangible love, you shall also discover other dimensions of activity in your bodies which are responsible for your illnesses and healths and psychic phenomena.

Earth humans, presently, are operating on “low” as signaled on your gasoline meters.  As you increase your levels of gasoline, you shall allow unknown mechanisms to come to light and discovery making a new Earth human – one which understands the primary necessity of a full tank of love in order to operate wholly, comfortably, and with less resistance.

You can start today.  Do something which makes you feel good.

We love you because we know no other way to be………………


I created a video about love and sacred geometry (there is music):
It’s Everywhere

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