Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

There is a silent rule of law. It creates shapes. It creates nature. It creates music. It speaks through mathematics and the laws of physics.

It does not govern only on Earth. It’s work is seen throughout the galaxies.

Its manifestations are masterpieces like the butterfly wing and the Redwood tree.

We don’t understand it. We don’t know how it works or where it comes from.

It is called Sacred Geometry. You cannot find one single, solitary thing living or non-living which it has not shaped and governed. Not one.

We try to draw it the best we can, but it is hard to draw something that is multi-dimensional.

The best representation is a pattern called The Flower of Life.






Once you know about it, you see it absolutely everywhere. It is perfect in its ability to design functioning beauty.

You are here because of it. You are beautiful because of it.


I created a video about Sacred Geometry called It’s Everywhere (it has music)

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