Past Lives/Alternate Lives Session

In-person via video (facetime, skype, zoom) or Remote where you are not present and I email the session papers to you.

Your soul is split into many different awarenesses. Imagine a flash light shining through a piece of paper with slits cut out of it. The one source of light produces several sections of smaller light. Your soul, or one source of light, splits into several different dimensions creating several versions of you, aka “past lives.”

You may have heard that there is no time, that everything is happening at once. This is hard for us to understand, but this means that all your “past lives” are happening at once. There really are no “past lives”, there are only “now lives” or Alternate Lives.

Why would you want to know what some of your Alternate Lives are? Often, there are themes that run through your many lives. For instance, maybe your soul wants to experience Victimization and how to overcome it to create a powerful version of yourself. You may have lives where you were victimized over and over because you did not learn how to overcome it. Here you are, victimized in this life too. When you learn this is a theme you came to explore, you can look at it from a higher perspective. This view allows you to the ability to take control and change your circumstances. You stop blaming others for your misfortunes and take responsibility for them. This realization can profoundly change your life.

Learning about Alternate Lives also helps you understand why you may be drawn to someone. Maybe you have had a life together before. Does this mean you must be with them again? Sometimes when we are inexplicably drawn to someone, we think we have to have a serious relationship with them. This is not so. Sometimes we meet people from our past lives and feel an intense draw towards them, but this does not mean we have to be linked to them again.

Your cells retain all the knowledge and experiences from your past lives. You can draw the knowledge forth and use it. Maybe you are a Healer in this lifetime and have healed in many lives. You can consciously call forth the healing knowledge you had to help you become an even better Healer in this life.

These are just a few of the mind expanding revelations that can happen when you discover what your Alternate Lives are.

In-person session: learn about a few past lives and how they relate to your current life. This can be very transformative knowledge for you, helping you achieve more success in your life.

via Zoom/Facetime/Skype
30 mins $80

Remote session: you do not need to be present. I will enter a meditation and write down 4 pages of information. Included are 2 of your Alternate Lives, a Spiritual Interpretation, and a personalized verbal Mantra to help you continue your growth.

$36. Session papers will be emailed to you up to a week after the confirmation of your session.

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