Fulfilling Career Session

If you work and don’t like your job, this will affect all aspects of your life. You may be careful what you eat, what you watch on TV, the words you speak with, getting exercise, but are you showing the same sense of care and selectivity to the energies of your career?

You may want to own your own business. You may want to get promoted. You may want to change jobs. You may want to go to school to enter a new work environment. When it comes to your career, are you fulfilling your purpose?

Your career should reflect your purpose. Why? Because when you are working along the path of fulfilling your purpose, work is not hum-drum, and draining. Most mornings you want to get out of bed and work. You feel like you are contributing in a positive way to the the world and to yourself. When you come home from work happy, you affect the energy in your house and the energy of everyone in the house, even your pets. Your attitude is a good one and your health reflects it. You can sleep and your stress levels go down.

Do you even know what your best career paths are? In this session we uncover your personal strengths and talents and direct you in the direction of career fulfillment. You will learn why you are here, what you are meant to do. You spend a lot of time working and all that energy should be spent to make you feel good, not used or drained.

via Zoom/Facetime/Skype
30 mins $80

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