Interdimensional Pets

Dream Reunion

Her muse left Earth.

My friend’s Golden Lab, who sat by her feet as she wrote every word in her first book, left her Earthly body. When my friend talks about her muse, tears well up in her eyes.

“Has she visited you?” I ask.
“No,” she says. Her words laced with sadness.
“Have you asked her to visit you?” I inquire.
“No.” In her eyes, I see a light go on.
“Ask her to visit you. She will come.”

A few days later, I see my friend.
“That very night we talked, I went to bed and asked her to come visit me,” she says. “She visited me twice that night!”




We can talk to our pets after they leave their Earthly bodies. They visit us. They see us.

The night my darling cat, Chica, leaves Earth, I awaken to purring in my ear. I lift my head off the pillow and look out the window, wondering if it is a car’s engine.  It isn’t from outside the window.

Hearing her purr is the most delightful sound.

“I am still with you,” she purrs.

Our pets leave. Our hearts hurt. Our love connects us interdimensionally.

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