Better Relationships Session

We all have difficult relationships. Some we can allow to dissolve, and some we cannot because they are family members. You can learn how to maneuver around difficult people so that they don’t get the best of you.

There is an art to not absorbing the stinging tactics from others. Yes, their actions may hurt you, but you don’t have to let them to destroy you. Some relationships you will have to break off. Learn how to do this while maintaining your strength to move towards your full potential. Some relationships you will have to maintain but with guidelines. Learn how to draw boundaries to maintain your sense of self.

Whether it is a relationship with your boss, co-worker, neighbor, friend, parent, sibling, spouse, or lover, there are ways to engage with others so that they don’t affect your sense of peace and self-worth. No one has to get the best of you.

Learn how to view your relationships from a higher perspective. This gives you a clear picture of what the other person’s motivations are. You may be surprised to learn it has nothing to do with you! When you learn how to stop taking things personally and instead focus on your reactions, instead of someone’s actions, you are on the road to cultivating healthy relationships.

via Zoom/Facetime/Skype
30 mins $80

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