33 Ways to Manifest

33 Ways to Manifest

Manifesting is all about aligning your energy with similar energies. When you believe you create your reality through your energy, living the life of a Human gets a little easier.

Why? Because you feel in control.

Too many of us think our reality is determined by other people and circumstances. As if we are a ball in a pinball machine, getting knocked around with no control.

Other people and circumstances help your reality to manifest because you put them there.

You are the creator of who and what is in your life. You are the creator of the quality of your life.



Sit back and let your energy do the work.

You radiate energy. You can control the energy you radiate.

Take a look at who and what is in your life. Take a look at how you feel. Want to do some rearranging? Start with your energy.

I am suggesting you keep asking yourself, WHY? Why is he upsetting me right now? Why does she make me lose my mind when she says that? Why do I dread going to work? Why do I feel hopeless? Why am I bored? Why do I feel out of control? Why am I frustrated? Why do other people have the lifestyle I want and not me? WHY WHY?

Asking WHY is how you tweak your energy. Don’t be afraid of your answers, they free you.

The longer you resist asking WHY, the longer you feel out of control and unhappy.



33 Ways to Manifest gets you to think about the energy you radiate.

Everything radiates energy. Not just the living. The rock, the table, your couch pillow radiate energy. So does your office, your neighborhood, and your home. Your mood, your beliefs, and your feelings burst with energy, too.

You align with similar energies. If you change your energy you align with something else. This is THE LAW OF ALIGNMENT.

You don’t have to attract anything. Everything you want is hovering around you.

According to Quantum Physics, the energy of everything is everywhere. So there is no attracting, there is aligning.



When you take a look at your life and want to make changes, change your energy first. Then, watch what happens. Your reality changes.

I encourage you to listen to your heart. I encourage you to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs. Without being aware of what your heart and mind are saying, you will not find the happiness and abundance you are looking for.

I am going to give 33 suggestions on how to tweak your energy. Try it. The results will come.

I know. This is how I changed my life.

I went from struggle, victimization, and boredom to abundance, freedom and excitement.

You radiate. You glow. Be aware of it.

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