33 Ways to Manifest

33 Ways to Manifest #3

Keep your vibe high.

What energies are your senses absorbing?

What do your eyes look at during the day? The walls of your office, buildings, broken furniture, a computer, uninspiring artwork? Try to let your eyes see the outdoors, trees, furnishings you like, and beautiful art.

What do your ears hear during the day? Gossip, hard rock or hard rap, sirens, yelling, the TV, talk radio, constant noise? Try to let your ears hear loving comments, soothing music, mild talking, silence, the wind, the ocean, and leaves moving.

What do your fingers feel during the day? The computer board, polyester, plastic, nothing organic, dried out hair & skin? Try to let your fingers touch natural things like cotton, pet fur, fruits, vegetables, glass, crystals, grass, healthy hair, and soft skin.

What goes into your mouth during the day? Processed foods, styrofoam cups, plastic forks, sugary drinks, unclean water? Try to ingest fresh and unprocessed foods from glass or silverware and drink clean water.

What does your nose smell during the day? City air, dusty house, intense air fresheners, and workplace chemicals? Try to let your nose smell fresh air, clean house, natural fresheners, and an environmentally friendly workplace.

If you are intent on getting healthy, raising your vibration, and spiritually expanding, it is necessary to look at all the energies entering your body. If you go to yoga 3 times a week, eat vegan, and meditate, all of that gets diluted by loud violent lyrics, TV shows about murder, too much news, frozen pizzas, polluted air, and stressed out people around you.

The energies entering your body influence your health and attitude and your ability to cope with daily issues. Your spiritual transformation relies on the energies your absorb as well as the energies you emit.

If trash enters you, trash exits you through words and thoughts and actions.

This affects your manifestation abilities.

If you want to manifest and align with high frequency people and events, you must exude high frequencies, too. And not just for 3 hours a week when you meditate 3 times a week.

Don’t be hypocritical. Walk your talk. If you want high energies surrounding you, they won’t unless you are radiating high energy.

You may need to get some new bed sheets, new artwork, cook at home more, drink more water, listen to different music, watch other TV shows, take hikes, wear natural fibers, get new glasses to drink from, paint your living room…..Where ever you see something which does not bring you pleasure, substitute it with something that does. Whenever you realize you are absorbing a low frequency item or person or idea or music, substitute with a high frequency item or person or idea or music.

Change what goes inside to change what develops outside.

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