33 Ways to Manifest

33 Ways to Manifest #2

Have relationships that promote an even exchange of energy.

You know the type: Users & Takers

They suck you dry to juice themselves up.

Sometimes, they don’t take anything tangible. They take your time or your mind or your heart.

They call you and cry. They see you and complain. They ask you for advice and don’t take it. They need to speak AT you. They need to purge ON you.

They go on and on about their own crap and don’t ask how you are doing. Or if they do, they shut up for 30 seconds, don’t hear you, and go back to talking about themselves. They beg for help but do nothing to help themselves.




After a long time of trying to help my friend with a rough time in her life, I need to draw the line. I notice every time I get off the phone with her, I am exhausted. I have a headache.

I muster up my courage, during another energy-depleting phone call, and tell her she is draining me. I feel absolutely horrible and proud of myself at the same time.

There is silence.

“Okay,” she says, hurt. I hurt that she hurts. I feel like crap for saying it, but I cannot give her what she wants. She wants all her problems solved. Instantly.

Several months later, the same thing happens to her! She needs to tell someone to stop sucking her dry. And she does.

I am happy she has the guts to say that. This means her days of sucking on others are over. She is strong on her own. She is still one of my very, very best friends. She has a successful business and a fulfilling life and is a beautiful person inside and out and she brings joy to my life. We tell eachother our problems and worries, but it is done through a respectful and loving exchange of energy. It is not a one-sided conversation. It is a two-sided give.




I find users and takers in the professional realm, too. There are lots of them. They tag you onto their promotional posts to use your client list and facebook friends – without asking permission. They want to bully their way to success, not realizing they will not attain and maintain it that way.

I will help you, support you, promote you, and advertise you. I do it alot. But, I require it be a two-sided give.




The energy suckers are vampires. They will find their sustenance. Don’t worry about pulling their suckers off of you. They will find another to use and suck dry.

Why is it important to have an even exchange of energy in a relationship? Your life depends on it. For physical, mental, and spiritual health you cannot give and give and give without receiving.

BALANCE. Look at nature. What does not have balance suffers. Balance is required for good health.

Maintaining balance is key to attaining harmony and peace. Radiating the vibration of harmony, peace, and balance aligns you with the very same. This means you will naturally align with people who are giving, generous, and helpful. You need people like this in your life. They help you make your dreams come true. They assist you in creating the life you want. They support you in building the framework of success.

Radiating the energy of imbalance brings you more imbalanced people and situations. This is disastrous for you.




It is time to think about where the uneven exchanges are. Pinpoint it.

Release the suckers.

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